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Do you lie about how many men you have slept with?

Do you tell your husband or prospective boyfriends how many men you have slept with or do you lie about your number?

What is your real number?
What number do you tell people?
If you lie, why?


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No need to lie for me, my husband has been my one and only, which he knows. Don't care about his number, although I'm pretty sure including me it's 2. I don't discuss my sex life with friends but I wouldn't have a problem with people knowing I've only slept with one guy, I figure people can sleep with as few or as many people as they want!

Ive slept with 9 guys, i wouldnt want to know how many chicks hes been with. Not something we discuss.

No, I've never had to lie about it because it has never been an issue, my husband doesn't care and we have never told each other. I don't care what his number is and my number makes no difference to the person I am.

My husband knows my number. It's not something I disclose with everyone (because my vagina and what I do with it is my business).
My number is 5. I used to feel that it was a big number, but quite frankly, now I no longer gaf if it is or isn't. Who cares really. What matters is who number 5 is and that it doesn't go past that number without his consent too (it won't we don't get into swinging).

My husband doesn’t know. It is t that I’ve lied to him, he just doesn’t want to know how many men I slept with before him. Nor does he want to know about exes. And tbh, I don’t k kw how many he’s slept with either and I’m not all. Our past has no relevance to our relationship. So I’ve given him no number, real or or fake. If he were to ask, idk, I’d probably tell him less than the number I’ve slept with because I would be afraid he’d judge me.