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This will sound really weird

Yes I'm booked in for the doctors on Monday but it's so weird to me I just wonder if anyone else has experienced it. Some times (maybe once a month, not at period time) when I do a poo I get this horrible ache right around my bum hole. Like incredibly painful I have to breathe through it and I feel dizzy etc. There is no cuts, haemorrhoids or anything. It's not a sharp pain it's like a massively painful ache. Only lasts about 1 minute then goes. Doesn't matter what size the poo is either (lol) . It's so odd, anyone else?? Or just me? Haha.


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Me too, excruciating! Helps to go on all fours or squat. I think it is something to do with the sphincter (?) muscle. I think sugar overload makes it happen but who knows?!

I get this with my period. It's to do with the muscle cramps etc. Msybe the same sort of thing?

 I'm like that too but sometimes I have to hold on for dear life lol
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 Yep sometimes I get it too. Similar to labour pain but over much faster.
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OP I'm so glad it's not just me. It's the weirdest thing ever!! Yet so bloody painful.
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 Yeah I've spoken to friends about it, drs never know wtf it is but it's embarrassing! Sitting in that momentarily monsterous pain lol funny it's so common here! I'll think of you all next time!
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My dear god I hope I never get this - sounds awful! Lol

Yeah I get it too, like a wave of cramps. Clenching my muscles helps.