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Left a relationship to work on yourself?

Has anyone left a relationship so they could work on themselves as a person?
Would love to hear some experience, thank you. Xx


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I haven't but I applaude anyone who does. You have to be happy and content with yourself before you can with anyone else xx

I have been working on myself for over a year - best investment, I can’t believe I didn’t love myself before.

Seems like a cop out to leave a relationship to work on yourself. Just end the relationship, then work on yourself. Obviously you want out of your relationship and are grasping at straws as a reason to do so. If your relationship is strong, then you should be able to work on yourself and maintain your relationship at the same time.

Yes. I walked away about 4 months ago from my partner and step kids after 8 years together. The pressure was too much and I ended up resenting him, the kids, myself and my life. I have a 9 year old daughter to a previous partner and we got a unit, moved out and at first it was very difficult to adjust to our new life but as each day/week passes it got easier and I started to find my happiness again. I am spending time with friends, exercising, spending quality time with my daughter. She has changed also, she can feel that I have loosened up and am happier and its reflecting on to her. So far, so good. I was lucky enough to have great employers who were supportive and understanding of my situation. I have not started dating yet and don't think I will any time soon. I am really enjoying just being by myself and learning about me.
Best of luck to you, if this is what you choose to do. Like I said it was hard a first but it gets better, if you put effort into getting out of the house, seeing friend etc then that helps a lot. Don't let yourself fall into a funk. Keep moving x

 Bless you babe ❤
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I think every survivor of any DV relationship left just to work on themselves , including me...

I've done lots of work on myself with my partner by my side. they come to psychologist sessions with me. I have no issue being really honest with them about me or our relationship.

Not only am I a better person, we also have a stronger relationship because of it.

Ive been working on myself (and healing myself) for 10 years now, and i think im almost ok and can start living again - wish me luck! :)

 Good luck babe ❤🤞
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