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Centrelink fraud , could my partner be charged for his ex’s wrong doings

my partner just found out that his ex was claiming sp when they were together.
he called the child support agency asking to have cs deducted from Centrelink, he’s not working atm due to covid. They said he has been in a private agreement for 8yrs(they broke up 2yrs ago) He’s always transferred $.
CS made clear they would be starting an investigation when they asked for confirmation 3 yikes about the date they broke up.
He confronted her by phone, she admitted she told child support they split 8 years ago to claim the max rate of Centrelink and when discussing the phone call he pointed out that they said they may contact him as part of an investigation. He told her clearly he wouldn’t lie about anything and that he would only participate in their investigation if he was called up to court. His opinion is he’s already told a government agency the date they split the rest is up to them. She then pointed out she’s been working cash in hand as well?!?! Not difficult in her job. Cont...


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When my partner and i split up 7 years ago, child support rang him to confirm the details with him, and we have a private arrangement. also every year they send him updated child support info to his address. So unless his ex had someone impersonate him, i find it hard to believe that he had no idea...

Your partner knew for sure. Every time he done a tax return you'd want to hope he put his real relationship status on it, every time he filled out a form or yes... he's going down with her.

If she told them and she was collecting its ON HER not him. He has nothing to do with her accounts to centrelink. And just needs to be honest.

His mother got straight onto it, apparently she went straight to the accountant.
All I know is he had his ex on his tax returns up until their divorce 2 years ago. He does his tax with the same accountant as his parents.
There’s clearly a shit show going on ..... the ex and children are living rent free in a house owned by his parents, she got bugger all in the divorce as his home he lives in is part of a family trust. The date she moved out was on the divorce settlement.

she has been told by his mother if she doesn’t change her name back to her maiden name within two weeks she will be moving out. The ex kept his last name to be the same as the kids , my partners mother is hell bent on the family name not being tarnished?!? 🤪

Partner no longer gives a shit as he has let mummy darling sort it as he said she knows what she’s on about and has told him not to worry.

I am more worried about getting more serious with a bloke that has his mum sort shit out. Not sure how on earth he is eligible for jobseeker , he is not working though.

Ahhhh he’s a good root though lol

  The mother in law is disgusting, how dare she demand she change her surname!!!
Run lady, as fast as you can. No man allows his mother to meddle like that. What a manchild.

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OP Yeah I agree with you on the running.
I also agree with the mother to a point, the ex has lived rent free on the mother’s expense since the divorce and the mother is putting stipulations on that to continue... ott stipulations yeah but I would be livid if I was the mother helping by providing a rent free home.

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OP I am hoping the ex has a good support network, personally I think she should move out and sort her own life out. Sounds mother was a bit controlling with the offer of the house to start with.
The ex’s income is a hobby that makes money plus self employment, not sure how that’s going with covid though?!?
I am thankful we have spent more time together the last few months if it wasn’t for covid letting us spend more time together I probably would have gotten further into the relationship before getting all this back ground crazy

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 That is horrible. Regardless of how she fees about her grandkids mother if she kicks them out of a home because their mother refuses to change her name which costs $300 mind you, just had mine done. Those kids will be homeless because of a cruel grandmother and you know what those kids will know sooner or later.
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 If I was their mum and grandma kicked them onto the streets I would let them know and then ban her from access. He would have to fight tooth and nail and explain why he let his mother kick his kids in the street. Sorry but she is a bxxxh.
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 Yeah I don't care about the rest of the situation, but no one has any right to tell someone to change their name.
That is just petty bullshit

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OP Yeah his mother is outrageous in many ways! she came over and wanted to know why I can’t cook because we had takeout stuff everywhere and came back with ‘proper food for us’ two hours later, she obviously went straight home and cooked!
I didn’t care really her cooking is Devine!

Oh and I was in the bath when she came over , they were chatting in the kitchen making coffee and he made me one. Mother brought it in to me and sat on the stool in the bathroom chatting to me. He came in and joined the conversation... anyone would think I was sitting on the couch

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That sounds quite strange that he had no idea. CSA need to communicate to him as well when they set up a file. Regardless if it’s a private arrangement, they would’ve had to ask him about his employment details, where he lives and send him regular assessment updates. Not really sure if he will get in “trouble” but put it this way he has been red flagged on the system and penalties will apply to one or both parties once the investigation is complete. Good luck

OP If applying for child support you can tell them private agreement and there’s no assessment done.
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 Yeah but surely he had to fill out a form at some point?
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 Private collection still means they assess and reassess at the end of every tax year when a return is done and also for the initial assessment. He can’t be held accountable for her fraud unles he was complicit in the fraud ... so if he was contacted by Centrelink and lied, if he changed details along the way to assist in her story. They do a very thorough investigation across many agencies and if there is fraud they will be found out and if he had a hand in it they will both be prosecuted. The DPP are ruthless.
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 There is so an assessment done. My ex and I have done private for years! They send him quarterly accounts, updates, assessments and a bunch of communication throughout the year.
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 Op of this thread: Sorry but like I said and the other on here can back it up is private collection or not an assessment is done. Everytime my ex changed jobs they knew straight away through ATO records and made the relevant adjustments. All the government systems are linked. Sounds like your partner knew all along and is now trying to back pedal after he put his foot in it. How could she have been on SP that whole time and he had no clue 🤷🏻‍♀️
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OP I was with him when he was on the phone to child support , he thought he had to go through making a profile with them as he did with Centrelink (The previous phonecall) as he had never dealt with either before.
I was trying to help him do it online which neither of us had a clue about do he called.
He’s not computer savvy at all.

All sounds dodgy to me.

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 Private assessment, they still ring to confirm details with the other parent.
They ring to confirm income and percentage of care.

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 Yes your partner and his ex sound dodgy, you are correct there.
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 CSA do an assessmwnt based on tax returns so unless both were dodgy the amounts will be able to be traced back.
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