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How much do you spend (average) on the birthday kid at school/preschool birthday parties? (Im talking about the kids who you or your child are not necessarily close to)!

Do you judge if a child brings a really cheap present or a present that is not so flash to your kids's birthday party? Can you even tell? I ask because I am a struggling single mum and I cant really afford birthday presents at the rate we are getting invited at, but I try my best by shopping sales, picking up things and storing them when needed and getting bits and pieces together that would make a really awesome present. Its not flash or expensive and I worry my family/kids are being judged as the low povo dorks. We mean well though :)


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I hate overspending on presents to be honest. It makes it tougher on those who cant afford it and its not about the cost its about the thought.
I am not struggling but I have 3 kids and when they each get invites it makes for a lot of presents. I usually spend $15ish.
I make an effort to get something that kid will like though, I ask my kids what they are into.

What ever you can afford, I don't judge. I don't throw a party for presents. I just want my kids to enjoy their day with their friends and have fab memories. If you feel bad make gifts. Once my daughter bought a quirky frame for a friend and we put a photo in it, of a before shot of the girls going off to camp, with a candle and friendship bracelet, she made. Her Mum was practically in tears when she saw it because she had missed that morning school camp drop off and her husband had not taken any photos, she also really looked at the gift and realized my daughter had made the other gifts. So it is the thought that counts.

 Best present my daughter got in kindy was a very cute library bag the mum of one of her male friends sewed for her - she still uses it in year 3!
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 My daughter has some amazing got some amazing gifts from one friend. Her mum makes them and they are just amazing, personalised and last.
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Smiggle always have stuff half price or less. I regift presents my kids get that they don't use. Australia post have book gift packs 5 books $20 and sometimes even cheaper if they are in sale. A book and a small gift is plenty. Sometimes I make home made playgough too as a gift

$10-15 on a kid who isn't a close friend. My daughters best friend had a birthday recently and we spend closer to $40 on her but they have been friends for years and she is just a lovely girl, so I don't mind.

I don't think of anyone as povo because of the gifts they give. It's the thought that counts. I personally love the gifts for my kids that aren't expensive and aren't toys. In the past they have received some really nice things that wouldn't cost anymore than $10 and they have like loved them.

$30 to $50, I have an only child so this budget is fine for us.
I absolutely do not judge people that spend less, can you remember what the kids in your class bought you for you birthday? I have no idea haha
My daughter has one friend who handmakes her a gift every birthday and they're the only gifts she ever keeps, as in doesn't grow out of and donate and they're always her favourite!
I can give you ideas of what the girl has made if your kids are crafty :)

 please do-we make all our own cards already, i buy scrap booking stuff really cheap on ebay from china and hong kong and cheap paper from office works etc-we even make the envelope portion with funky paper! Any other ideas would be great!
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 i bet you use credit card and want to keep up appearances
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$30 is my limit. If I find something cheaper, then great. I always buy a $1 card, and I recycle wrapping paper.

$10- $20 it just gets too expensive otherwise. My son chooses so it's a personal pressie. I don't judge. I'm sure their would be some who do but really, the kids are there to have fun. Yes, they love presents but they don't care what is spent.

Only spend what you can afford. If i throw a party for my child i don't care what the pressies are. It's about the fun they'll have at the party. I wouldn't expect anyone to spend over $20. I'd be embarrassed if they did.

$15. You can pick up great gifts from the likes of Big W and Kmart for that price.

$20 - $30. I get below minimum wage every week but kids are only kids once and love receiving gifts and I try to buy them something they would like rather than something they wouldn't just because it's cheap. I wouldn't go above $30 because I don't want to look like I'm trying to out do everyone else. I think around $15 is decent and probably about average. I don't usually judge but someone bought my son bubbles for his 8th birthday and that was it, I thought that was strange because I would never do that. If you know someone doesn't have much money then I don't think anyone would give it a second thought, I would rather that child come then to decline because they couldn't afford a gift.

I buy vouchers off of FB and swap sites. You can get them for even less than half the value. Then I have them around when I need bday gifts or if my son has a sudden growth spurt and can't fit his shoes or I really want a new top and have been a supermom all month or whatever. I find detailed them easier to store than a closet full of gifts and it's easier to get something the specific birthday child will like

$15-20. Most people are in the same boat with lots of parties and it adds up! I don't judge - the kids don't care and its not about the presents anyway (or it shouldn't be)

We don't go to every party as it just gets too expensive

 This is exactly why I wish some people would stop spending heaps, it makes it too hard for others, and the ones who lose out are the kids.
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$10-15, last two birthdays bought a small box of Lego for $10 & a board game on sale for $12