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Quitting smoking - no question, just need a second of busy hands

On hour 6 of no smokes. I have my patch on but it doesn't give the same satisfaction. I've tried this before, I failed and I don't want to fail again. it's really hard breaking the habits more than the addiction right now. I have a smoke around this time every night, after dinner and baths while my children are in bed. I need something new to fill this time, I don't know what that will be yet. Sorry about the rammblings. I'm not telling anyone for a month until it's easier and just needed to keep my hands busy and get all this out. Maybe a diary could work for the little relax time after the rush? Thanks.


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In the first month of quitting I completed three jigsaw puzzles. The only trouble is that they can be so bloody annoying that at tines it may stress you put even more.

OP Thanks. I have some jigsaws I have wanted to do for ages, I might try it.
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 A part of giving up successfully is learning how to deal with stress without a ciggie. Cos let's face it, life throws us curveballs all the time, when we least expect it. Just after I gave up someone close to me passed away. It would have been understandable it I had started up smoking again, but I thought to myself 'no, smokes do not help me through tough times any more. If I start again now, then every time I'm feeling stressed, or I'm angry, or I'm sad, or I'm grieving I'm going to reach for the smokes. I'm not a smoker any more'. I know you're just talking about a jigsaw puzzle here and your post is a bit tongue in cheek, but you brought up an interesting point, and I think realising that stress etc is a part of life and preparing yourself for it without cigarettes is really worth mentioning. I know so many people who had quit for months, sometimes years and then they have a stressful event that makes them start up again.
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OP Yes, I have found the stress very hard to deal with. Yesterday something happened and I ended up having 2 smokes, the second one made me feel so sick because I still had the patch on (I forgot about it). I have not had anymore since and will figure out a way to deal with these things as they come up, like maybe going for a walk or other ways of exercising, both have worked well in the past when I was stressed.
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Nights were always the worse for soon as the kids were in bed i would just go to bed early too so i didnt havr to think about it
...woke up feeling great too as i also got a longer sleep

OP I have been going to bed earlier too so I stop wanting a smoke and it's amazing the difference it makes.
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Have you tried to learn knitting or crocheting ? That keeps your hands busy and you have something to show for yoyr time :)

OP Thanks for the great idea. I might try to take up knitting.
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 Ooohhhh there are so many cute things u can knit and crochet. Have u seen those mermaid tail blankets? That would be awesome. But maybe start with a tea cosy lol
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OP There are so many things that are so cute. I will start out with something small and move up to more complex things. At least with knitting I can do it watching tv instead of sitting outside in the blistering heat or cold.
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I gave up the smokes 10 years ago using patches. They made such a difference. I also kept a journal, so do that cos really helped me. Before quitting I wrote a list of the pros and cons of smoking. Then once I quit I wrote in the journal every day noting positive physical changes.. like my sense of smell improved. No longer needing to clear my throat before talking. Not feeling like I was going to cough up a lung when I woke each morning (I was a very heavy smoker!). Not worrying how my clothes smelled. I also wrote down how I handled cravings and so on. Best of luck, you can totally do this!!

OP Thanks. I love this idea. I will start a journal to keep track of progress.
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Lollipops, popcicles, chew a pen, gI've hubs a beej... knit, crochet, cross stitch, flick the bean... keep your mouth and hands busy

OP Thanks. I was thinking of getting a few lollipops today till I start getting my routine changed and sorted. I will try that.
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