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Christmas list- grocery list help

What are some things that I can buy now to help with the cost of Christmas shopping? eg... bon bons, foil trays etc.
Thanks so much :)


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You should see my pantry! Coles and woolies have been amazing with sales lately. I have 40 pump bottles of my fave handwash for all bathrooms. Under all sinks at my house, there are spare paper towels, spare handwash, cleaning products, bathrooms have toilet paper. One side of pantry is all the good chips; mix of Smith’s, Doritos and kettle. All bought half price. Stacks of paper towels in the middle, the right hand side has boxes of pasta, almond milk, basics like beans, etc. I don’t like to freeze meat for some reason so I will buy that later, but I have boxes of fish fingers, party pies etc.

 Well done 👏 I’m stocked up with dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, disinfectant, shower gel and that’s about it. Love bulk buying half price items. Thanks for the list.
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 You don’t like freezing meat
You like frozen processed crap fish 🐟🤔😂
You are special 🙄

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 You like frozen crap meat in pies
You are an idiot

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 Fabric softener is a poison ☠️
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 Wow, Hi there... troll on a roll!
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It depends what your family eat. Always good to stock up on chips and lollies when on sale, paper or plastic plates (unless having a fancy do, no one wants to wash up alot on xmas day) you could preorder a ham or seafood to collect xmas eve. Soft drink, cordial, anything you use in punch, jelly or whatever dessert cupboard stuff you need, gravy mix etc. Beer, wine, paper towel, decent bin bags (for the smelly seafood scraps)

 Awesome ideas! Thanks
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 I wrap in newspaper and put in freezer and chuck in bin night before bin day
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It really depends on what foods you serve:
-roasts... keep an eye out for specials and freeze them
-punch ingredients
-sauces/ salad dressings
-disposable cups, plates, napkins etc
-biscuits/ olives/ cocktail onions/ gherkins/ cheeses

 Great! Thanks
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