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Phasing out the bottle

My DD is 2.5 yo and about to start phasing out her milk bottle.

Any tips or tricks that worked well?

She still has 4 - 6 bottles a day plus eats a healthy range of food for all meals/snacks but will vary between only wanting a first thing in morning and a at bedtime bottle to wanting lots


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My son was very into the garbage truck so we put his in the trash and watched them take the bag away.

Woohoo! last night I said no bottle in bed and she didn't say anything and didnt ask for it until this morning and only had one so far today.

Fingers crossed tonight goes as well! I did buy her a new paw patrol water bottle that she loves which may have helped too

May I suggest ear muffs to protect your ears when the tantrums start....;)

OP haha I wish! She is one of those lovely kids that works herself up to vomiting stages
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That is a lot of bottles for that age... good luck with getting her off them!

We tried every gentle method with our 18 month old. In the end, we just had to go cold turkey. Two days of hell then it was like the bottle had never existed.

I really struggled with this too, try dropping one bottle at a time and slowly making the others smaller. If possible change the routine a bit as the child may forget its bottle time.

OP We don't have a set time except wake up and bedtime, just when she asks :/

Might have to try directing her attention to something else

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