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Flexible careers for mums?

Being a mum you can pick any career you want to pursue literally but I personally would like to spend the holidays with my little ones so I’m assuming my choices will pretty much be either a teacher, teacher aid or school administration. Does anyone have any other ideas? What is your career/job?


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Teaching requires a lot of work on holidays for prep if your going to do it properly.
Realistically I have found the only way to have a solid career is to utilise child care. I took three years off to have two children and when I returned to nursing - a supposedly flexible job with shift work right? Not so much - my kids were in early day care from 615am until I came home from work at 330-4, 5 days a week.
Did it pay off? Absolutely. I am now a single mum with two teenage boys and I own my own house and I am not financially dependant on anyone but myself. I can’t tell you how many friends or friends of friends are now getting divorced from their husbands mid to late 40s and have nothing to fall back on. So for me personally it was totally worth it.

 I can see it is totally worth it, I find it really hard the drop off and pick up when you’re tired too, and it’s only 3days for me. I Worry it is a disadavantage for them but that could just be my conscience...they are doing ok. Just not getting ferried to lots of activities like others. It’s so nice to see a strong story of why I do this.. though I won’t get to the home ownership stage, I am building my own sense of ability for sure.
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I work part time and DH and I alternate the other days in the holidays by having annual leave and also swapping child care with my brother, EG I take their 2 kids for a day and they take my 2 for the day. Occasionally the kids go to my Mums for the day but its not expected of her, its because she enjoys it.
Some jobs allow you to work from home or swap shifts with other workers. Other than that, you gotta pay the bills somehow so sometimes a day of vacation care. A lot of kids enjoy it anyway as they do fun excursions.

Community Services, it’s a very understanding sector, im an Outreach worker for a Young Parents Program and i have school holidays off. Pretty common to have genuine flexibility and family friendly hours working in a Community Services setting.

 Also Playgroup Leaders often have school holidays off too, and id look into Library’s as well, obviously Library’s remain open during the holidays, but you may be able to set up flexibility with them from the beginning.
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 Ha! Me again, another idea is Nursing, once qualified you could work with an agency where you will be able to elect not to work in the holidays.
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 Where did you get your qualification for community services? I’m wanting to study. Thanks.
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 Tafe, you can work with a cert 4, but a Diploma is better
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I have a school admin job and I have also been a teachers aide. Great jobs for mums with young ones at school.