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What do I do about my sisters odd behaviour and drama?

So a few years ago my little one became very sick and needed surgery on her brain. We nearly lost her but she has recovered wonderfully. She has some limitations due to her TBI but she's been great. Then my mum survived ovarian cancer, I broke a bunch of bones (hit by car) and my dad lost his sight.
So basically there has been relatives needing allot of care and support.
Since then my sister has exhibited some strange behaviour. Doing things for attention.
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This is not normal behaviour. Clearly something is going on here. She really does need psychiatric help. Assessment from a professional who is unbiased and thorough. How to get her that help if she’s unwilling to seek it might be hard.

My mum does not call her out on it instead she panders to it as she says my sister obviously needs the attention. She was taken to a psych for awhile but the psych only heard her side. She ceased going.
The strange behaviour is:
Faking illnesses -precancerous vagina cells, blindness, TBI, broken bones, appendicitis etc
Lying about sicknesses on social media
Faking pregnancies
She now says she's pregnant but every week she thinks she or the baby has a different disease.
She sends vague messages to every relative in a group message insinuating that something horrific has happened. Then just goes no contact. She will read messages but not respond.
"Just had an accident in my car. Omg omg. Help me" no response for hours. The accident was she spilt her tic tacs in her car.
"Evacuated! Everything is on fire. Is there anywhere I can stay while I get back on my feet" she had not been evacuated. Her house was not on fire.
"Please pray for me and my baby. Racing now to the surgery. So scared. I hate needles. Hope she will be ok. " she took her puppy to the vet for vaccinations. We thought she was in labour at 18 weeks.
"Please don't die! Pray for me please. I'm not going to make it. Omg I can't breath. Help me"
She ran out of petrol.

 Spilled her tic tacs. Funniest thing I’ve heard all year
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 I’m so sorry, but I just burst out laughing for the first time all week when I read this. Honey, your sister needs some serious help, the tic tacs were funny but the puppy and the petrol were the icing on the cake. I don’t normally laugh at other people’s expense, and I don’t normally swear, but F ME! It’s a wonder you haven’t had some sort of break down dealing with her.

On a more serious note, I’m saddened to hear about what you and your family have endured. Life has been tough for you all. Sending some hugs your way.

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I used to know a few girls like this. Like, they always had to be connected to drama. Their lives were soap opera-esque. I just distanced myself and got on with life. I know that since she's your sister, that would be hard. And obviously your concerns for your parents are justified.
But, unfortunately, you can't make anyone else see her for what she is. One day she'll grow up, and realise what a trash bag she's been. All you can do in the meantime, is just ignore her. You'll undoubtedly be called out on this but just say "I've got other things to do than to pander to her drama" or, if you're less confrontational, "I've been busy" and leave it at that. You can be there with her for the good things (if she gets engaged, if she actually does get pregnant, if she does have a medical emergency), but you don't have to answer every plea for attention.

 **Sorry to clarify, I should have written be there with her for the GENUINE things. Medical emergencies are rarely "good".
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Even a psych who only gets one side of a story can usually pick up if someone is in need of serious help. Sounds like your sister is in need of psychiatric help.

She needs to see dr Phil. She sounds like she really needs help.