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What's the best weight loss shake brand?

Yes I know they're short term and you need to follow through with correct diet and exercise which I will be. But I want to get a kick start to it and start with whatever the best weight loss shakes may be for a couple weeks...


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The healthy mummy. Compared to optifast, optislim, tony ferguson, etc etc they have more nutritional value and less calories and sugar. And the vanilla ones are nice.

 Be careful with the healthy mummy, check the other questions On the sahm site... they taste horrible and the company steals your money!!
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 Not in my experience. I don't subscribe. I merely buy their shakes when they are on special- 33% off plus free post.
No-one steals your money - you just don't read the fine print.

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 ^^^ not true... The Healthy Mummy is soon to be exposed.
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 Exposed by who? A fat person with no self control who reckons they've tried everything yet they're still a fat slob?? And it's the healthy mummys fault?

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Tony Ferguson Shakes (available from Terry White Chemist) Vanilla and Chocolate are my faves 😍

I've been getting the nature's way strawberry flavour. Only because I'm a cheap skate and they are often half price at woollies or chemist warehouse. I bought one just to try one shop and I have them for brekky all the time now. Better than nothing! They are half price atm too 😝

Maybe just try healthy eating and regular exercise? Weight loss shakes are a waste of money.

 Not true anymore, (in the 80’s and 90’s it was) now doctors are behind shakes for weight loss.
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I lost 30kgs using Nature's way Strawberry. I love it. I felt good using it, kept the hunger at bay and I could excersize with out feeling dizzy.

 Did you mix with water? And how many did you have in a day (meal replacement or as an arvo snack?) I’ve found some leave me feeling dizzy without exercising 😳
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You could try buying the frozen berries or green smoothie mix from Coles and making some up. I don't know if that'll work out cheaper

If you don't mind the price Bodi shakes are good. I lost 10kgs on them

I guess optifast, I like Celebrity slim but dunno if they still have it