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Bankruptcy question

Advice on bankruptcy needed please- we owe tax office 20k (no negativity please, hubby has cancer and had to stop work for disability pension. I am his carer, we could've paid this if he could still work). We have other debts as well. Before resorting to Centrelink we sold our house and lived on the profits for a couple of years til they ran out. We cannot afford rent and are living with family. We've tried everything with the tax office including the long process of applying for release from debt only to be rejected. Our other debts are being paid monthly


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Ato can not be listed on your bankruptcy , neither can SPER

 Didnt finish sorry.....I am a discharged bankrupt and recently helped my friend with her paperwork. I still had to organise a payment plan with SPER and she still has to pay the ATO, they are deciding on the payment plan for her and she has clearly been told if there is no assets failure to pay can result in a jail term ( SPER works the same) so please get proper advice. centrelink can help you with infomation for all of this.

good luck x

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I am with the company my budget you proberly have heard of tem. They do charge a fee but the initial consult is free. They have got me and my current partner out of debt and been able to make arrangements with creditors that we couldn't. We just have been able to buy our own home after on ly being with them for 9 mths. I was highly skepitcal too but it even you have a consult and if it can save you from going bankrupt its worth a go. Hope you get it all sorted soon . The phone number is 1300 300 922 just in case.

 Oh thank you so much, you're a gem xx
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 My sister went to my budget about 7 years ago. Still with them today and said they literally saved her life.
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