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How old were your kids had a meal in a pub ?


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What is the big deal? Most Pubs have restaurant and outdoor sections and most of them are family friendly. They are obviously not allowed into some areas. I love taking my kids to our local pub for a meal, it is a relaxed atmosphere with good music which is more than I can say for our local restaurants where they can't move or make noise. Pubs aren't what they used to be and neither is the food, the food is restaurant quality.

 Exactly! They are so much more family friendly then restaurants and are a fraction of the price too.
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A couple of weeks old!

 Did they have a steak 🥩?
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 Possibly a second hand one, through breast milk.
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A proper meal would have been 1.5 y/o. All of mine came to the pub for lunch/dinner from a couple of months old. Most of the pubs in my area have a great play area and an amazing menu. Kids aren’t just tolerated but are welcomed. They all would have been 3 or over before I took them to a restaurant though.

My kids have been to the pub since they were a week old. They are 4 and 8 and I got them a meal only once they didn't eat it so I just get them a bowl of chips and gravy. They like playing on the playground and having a lemonade after a hard week of school. Hubby and I have a drink and an entree so not too expensive. Fun to still get out and see live music ect

3 1/2 - that half counts alot!. We went to a local during the week when it was quiet & to place where they had a play area & it was close so we could watch. My husband didn't drink cause he doesn't & i had a glass of wine - good time was had by all. Especially me! Lol

Waste of money

 Maybe your local is by mine does a mean chicken parmy - yum!
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 For kids it’s a waste of money
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 You could jist get them a plate of chips
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 It depends on the pub. There are a few near me where kids eat free on certain days. Way better value for money than going somewhere relatively kid friendly like the Dome.
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Our mothers group met at the pub one night, with partners and babies. They were about 4-5 months. Left about 8/8;30 before it got pumping

 Wish i was your mothers group
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They are 20 and still never!

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 The goal is to experience life
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Like 6 months old with my eldest\t… we went for a family lunch. My second was only 3-4 weeks old. Again went for a family lunch.