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Pain in ovary when sneezing, stretching etc

Long term on going pain in my sides (assume ovaries)
Any experience in this?


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I get it sometimes and usually around ovulation or period time.

If it’s an ongoing thing, you should go see your gp.

Have you had any scans done? Possible cysts that grow on the ovaries (harmless) or endometriosis. I had these (both) and it causes tightening that can be painful when stretched. Stopped hurting so much after my first pregnancy though.

 Many years ago my sister had endometriosis and the doctor said to her, have a baby and you will be cured. A few years after that she did have a baby and that doctor was right. No more endo.
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 Pregnancy does NOT cure endo. The symptoms can be lessened during pregnancy but it doesn’t miraculously go away. Had she been surgically diagnosed with endometriosis prior to having a baby or was it just assumed that she had endo?
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 ^ yes she was properly diagnosed. And for her it went away completely. Maybe she just got lucky 🤷‍♀️
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 I know a few people with endometriosis who have had kids but still have all the symptoms. Careless advice from her dr
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 ^ I have endo and after 3 kids I can tell you that doctor is an idiot. Either your sister didn’t have endo to begin with or she is just not having pain flares at the moment and they haven’t done a lap to check.
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 ^ & ^^ok, so we are talking 25 years ago here. Maybe the doctor was ‘careless’ and ‘an idiot’ but as it was a long time ago, they no doubt are better at diagnosing now and I’ll concede it’s very possible she didn’t have endo but something else entirely. Just telling you what my sister said to me. She had the surgical procedure so I assumed she was correctly diagnosed. But I’m not a doctor so what do I know

Also, she had that baby 22 years ago. And no symptoms since, so who knows. The hell she went through every month disappeared when her first was born. That much is truth.

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 ^^ are you saying that because of your own experience or do you have medical knowledge? I don’t know if a baby is the cure, but I do know that not everyone responds the same to treatment, no matter what your are getting treated for.
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Yes I do, I have been to a gynaecologist and he suspects endometriosis, I have to do a 6 month chart mapping my symptoms and then go back for another colposcopy and then look at surgery.

I do!!!! Exactly as you mentioned! No idea what it is though sorry