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Does your night shift husband keep you awake when coming in? Even though you have to get up and work and get kids to school

So I picked my husband up as he can’t take his car to work and we live on the GC and his work is in Caboolture. So it’s a fair drive.

We got home at midnight and he wanted to have a “night cap” it’s now 1:29 am and he still won’t let me sleep he’s now showering and wanting to watch tv in the bedroom!

I have to be up at 6 I’m wrecked


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Tel him to keep pissing it up watching tv in the Lounge room till 6 when he can help with the school/ morning routine.

Next time he goes to work turn your car lights on and drain the battery. Then tell him you can’t pick him up coz the car won’t start. Then go to sleep.

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If I wake him he goes off and yells and will chase me and grab anything to throw at me. I didn’t sleep at all he fell straight asleep and now I am fu***d

 I wouldn't be hanging around if that's the case.
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  You don't need that abuse. Send him in his way. He doesn't deserve you.
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