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Would you have a baby if you were born with diabetes ?


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There are several new technologies out there that help keep track of blood sugar. If you are Type 1 and are pregnant or you have gestational diabetes you could qualify for a subsidised constant glucose monitor. There are blood glucose meters that have Bluetooth capability and can automatically send your test results to an online log book. Being diabetic does not mean saying no to being a parent. And it does not mean your child will automatically have it. Yes, the chances are greater but it is not guaranteed. Once the baby is born you can enrol them in a study that will track the markers in their blood and can help determine if they will develop diabetes. If the markers are positive there are options to help delay the onset.

Yes. Why not?

 Your baby will have high chance being born with diabetes
You will need to be induced or c section and stillborn

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 Yes same with gestational diabetes though. The risks are high. But you don't know if you're going to have gestational diabetes until you are pregnant
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 Also not all stillborn, I think that's a risk if it's poorly managed diabetes
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