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Genuine question. How on earth do women with children cheat on their partners?

I am honestly curious, not because I am thinking about it (single mum, so can't cheat!), but where do they find someone who would cheat with them and how on earth do they find time when they have kids etc? This really isn't a troll question, it is just something I have come across in recent weeks.


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Honestly, I don't know.
Last week I was talking on the phone to my Mum to let her know how my ten year old daughters Orthopedic appointment went, without knowing my daughter was in ear shot I mentioned how bloody sexy the surgeon was. My Hubby came gone from work and she goes "Daddy, Mummy said my Doctor was good looking today" he just laughed and told her I was allowed to.
Things don't get passed kids

 Home, not gone
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Husband works nights? While the kids are at school. A quicky on the washing machine while the kids are watching tv (usually has an outside entrance) Shop click and collect and meet up for a quick shag on the way. head out for a massage. Drop your kids at a friends for an hour or two. Up the side of the car in a locked garage while kids are napping, on an iPad, watching tv.
Head to ikea and drop them off at the play with tinted windows... toilets are usually cleaned first thing if your up for morning sex in the disabled toilets ... bend over that basin and there’s a mirror right there for visuals. Just make sure the red light lock stays on.
Let’s face it if you are both hot & ready to go 15 - 20 min is all you need... hot & heavy sexting before hand, rip cloths of... hair pulling, really getting into it (bend me over & pull my hair... hand firmly over my mouth to limit screaming, lots of rough thrusting and I’ll come quicker than most blokes)
Starting the conversation with don’t talk just f**k me usually works best. Keep condoms somewhere not easily found!!! Pass him a warm washer adjust your clothing and send him on his way.

Eew. Who has the time or energy for more than one partner? Not me that's for damn sure.
Yuck. Another sweaty hairy man with big stinky feet and bad breath to grope and annoy me? No. If I ever get divorced I reckon I'll make an awesome lesbian or nun. Either way suits me fine. Men are gross. I love my husband, but he's a pig.

 I think when people have affairs they go for something that's not what's at home
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 Thank god my husband is sexy, clean with nice breath and attractive. Yours sounds like a wart hog
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 I agree with comment above! If my husband and I break up i just plan to be successfully single
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 The men I cheat on my partner with are absolutely smoking, young and always make sure their breath isn’t smelly.
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 Agreed when men have affairs they take care of their hygiene.
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Girls night out? Away for work, take time off work. There are heaps of ways around it and as for the men, men don't care if you have children. Offering sex? Their up for it regardless of your parental status!

 Agreed. If there's a will there's a way. I would meet my AP in my car. Even though i had the house to myself there was no way i was taking the risk.
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 I am curious, is the original poster of this answer a man or a woman? You are saying that men don't care if you have children. Is this coming from a male perspective? Or is this just what someone thinks.
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 I have a couple of f-buddies. None of them have ever questioned kids, I tell them I am in a relationship from the get go.
I guess one realised recently when I messaged saying the kids have been pressing my buttons all day, I just realised I have my monthly’s, if you like anal meet me *** place nearby the gym , I need a work out. He literally begged for both holes, I came twice in the boot of my Jeep. Went to the gym to shower.
Partner was planning on going for drinks until I got home to find the kids in bed, I gave him an intense blowie on the balcony, stopping as he was about to come twice. A couple of his mates came over for drinks at ours. I put on some sexy af lingerie under my ‘mummy’ pjs , sent partner a pic and watched some Netflix , called to him that I needed his help for 15 min , fresh tampon and apologised cheekily that he would be getting anal as I started kissing him as I straddled him on the couch, handed him lube to massage my arse, breasts, anus, we only lasted 5 min

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 He cleaned himself up while I fixed them all pies, mash and peas. I went to bed ready to be up at 5am with the kids.
Depends on how your mind works, you can see how mine ticks.
Yeah kids are exhausting, some work out for release. I love sex and it’s definitely my vice!
Blokes don’t care if you have kids, my fbs are blokes I know of it’s not like I put myself at risk with strangers. They all know nothing will ever come of it and keep it to themselves.

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 ^^^Ok, but are you cheating on your husband? That is my question.
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 Wasn't asking for your big write up.

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 Yes cheating. We go to swingers parties occasionally but he doesn’t know I shag my fbs.
No you may not have asked for a big story, it started as a simple reply but I guess now you get the jist of finding time.

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My uncles wife cheated on him. They had 4 kids 1-8 years old.
She had the guy over whenever my uncle was at work and threatened the kids not to say anything.
His daughter one day let slip that’s how he found out 😢

 That's really sad. How low putting the kid in the middle of it.
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 Being lonely
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I used to say I had appointments to go to and get friends and family to babysit. I cheated because i needed to feel desired and have a man who wanted to put the effort into pleasing me without needing anything else in return. I didn’t have to listen to his problems, or do his washing, or cook his dinner; I just went, got my rocks off and left. It lasted 6 months before my partner found out, and I lied about how long it had been happening and the amount of time I had been cheating. He forgave me and we stayed together for 5 years after that. My partner was abusive and selfish, the man I was having an affair with was kind, caring and anything but selfish when it came to my pleasure. I wasn’t happy and in hindsight should have left, but I couldn’t because it was too complicated if I did end it earlier.

 I’m curious to know how you got busted?
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I wonder where they get the energy but finding the time would be easy. My husband works long hours, also used to do shift work and he’s not controlling so I can go out as much as I like which isn’t often because luckily for me I’d rather be with my family.

To answer your second question: plenty of men would sleep with me. Married, older, younger, single but the most interested in me are definitely younger single men who enjoy the chase/sport of married/taken women

Daycare, school, friends to babysit. I've known people who had babies and took the babies with them to other blokes place.
Depends how desperate you are

Impossible for a SAHM who doesn't use daycare etc! I know because I tried. 😂. Not really but my ex used to accuse me of it all the time and it was like really!? Think about it! How the f**k would I do that without the kids seeing me with someone? Couldn't even go to the toilet without one of them following me! It was just such a ridiculous thing to accuse me of with 4 under 5. And yes he cheated all through the relationship and was very abusive so he was just accusing me of things he was doing himself, I know that now. I wish I had have miraculously found someone else 😂.