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how much are your bills ?
how many people live with you ?


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You really cant compare bills without knowing which state, and more info such as what hot water heating they have. I am in SA and my bills are low for sa because we have solar hot water and solar power, but still higher than other states I bet. We get screwed here.

Ours are $2700 a month. This includes all insurances, mortgage, rates and utilities. We have separate accounts for new car savings $400 and holiday $400 and family entertainment $200. The rest of the pay is used for everything else. There are 4 adults in the household.

I got bills I gotta pay
So I'm gon' work, work, work every day

 I got mouths I gotta feed
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Family of 4. $450 f/night. No mortgage. Money goes into a sperate account and any time a bill comes in. I use that account to pay it. So it always gets paid on time and I don't scrounge around for it. I also have separate accounts for car dilemmas, house dilemmas etc. Just savings in case something in these areas go wrong.

2 people. $498/week covers us for the lot. Mortgage to Electricity to Saving for Car Rego.