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Morning routine - rant + help!

I work part time during the week, and casually on the weekends, my husband works full time, so I always do the morning routine. I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my first child, and have 3 children (11, 9 & 8) whom are my husbands from a previous relationship, but essentially I am Mum, (as their Mother has not been in the picture for a very long time & they call me Mum etc). Why is it, whenever I get ready in the mornings for work they act up like a pack of wild animals? I don't understand why it is so hard to eat two weetbix, rinse the bowl, brush your teeth, put clothes on your back, throw a doona cover over your bed and fill up a water bottle. Yes I know they are kids, I totally get that but I have tried so many things - incentives, rewards, consequences, badgering them, leaving them to their own devices, getting them up earlier and none of it works! Yesterday was a bad day, I did my lolly at them and I feel really guilty now. Any suggestions SAHMs?So this SAHM doesn't lose the plot again!


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I have a play list of poppy music blasting from the moment they get up. 3 songs to eat, one to dress, one to wash up and brush teeth...
I set up as much as I can the night before. School clothes, lunches, etc. I have them brush first thing when they wakw up. They have protien smoothies or breakfast biscuits and fruit in the car on the way to school, care, camp.

OP I love the song idea! Our school is walking distance so eating on the way won't work as well. I think I will take your advice and the other Mum's advice on here about getting the uniforms, or whatever clothes they need, the night before.
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When I was young, my brother was like this, one day my mum actually rang her work and said she wohld be late, she waited for my brother to do everything in his own time then took us to school late, then had my brother apologize to the teacher and all the other kids for disrupting the class because he was late and he had to explain why, he said " I could of died from embarrassment", after that he never did it again, he was always the first ready after this, he was about 10-11. Not saying its a good thing to embarrass them but it did the trick.

OP Sounds like something my Mom would have done! I give them countdowns i.e. We're leaving in 30 minutes, 20, 10 so on and so forth. I might remember the apology thing to the teacher in future though. That is just learning to be accountable for their actions. I just don't think they like me going to work to be honest. They've had me at home for 18 months to themselves, and while I am only doing part time during school hours, but the days I have work man they put on a show. I don't get it, I still drop them off and pick them up, but it's just the work days they go haywire.
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I would be making lunches at night and making them have their uniforms etc out before bed ready to get straight into.
Other than that I wouldn't feel too bad they are old enough to understand what time they need to be ready by.

OP I like the idea of having uniforms ready to go the night before - that's a good tip - thank you!
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 They have no excuse then! Hope it works mine aren't quite at school yet.
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OP Personally I believe a 6 week break is too long. They get out of routine and start getting mentally bored. This isn't all kids though. Usually around this time I start doing a little school work to start getting them back into it. Nothing major, just a bit more reading, some maths games and activities and get back into getting up earlier and getting them into a school ready routine. I also think three of them doesn't help. I am hoping with my eldest going to high school this year, as he'll need to be up and out earlier that will seperate them more. When he gets ready he just goes and winds up the other two. It's so frustrating to say over and over - leave them alone! I get him to read a book, sit in his room doing an activity quietly, but as soon as I'm out of ear shot he's in the bathroom being silly, or in their rooms annoying them. Argh! I'm just getting wound up again :-S
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 I start the morning routine with my kids about a week or so before school starts back after long breaks. Makes the first day back rub smoothly
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Its just the age group. Hormones racing thru them and also them testing how far they can push you.

OP They pushed so far yesterday, I just couldn't take it anymore! Ive explained to them that while I might be a Mum, I'm still a human with feelings and can only take so much. I just feel so angry, negative and frustrated at the moment :-( I don't want to feel this way, especially while being pregnant.
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have you thought about giving the oldest one some pocket money for helping out of a morning? $5 a week to get up after breakfast and help the younger two get dressed and brush their teeth.