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18th birthday speech for my son

How does this sound
You are now 18 and baby of the family
I am proud of you for the man you are and if you decide to move out home soon remember I will miss you and you will always be in my heart.
One day you will settle down and remember how much I love you and will be forever in my heart

Oh god I am already tearing up


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It's a birthday not an eulogy.

Celebrate him. Not mourn how adulthood.

It's about how awesome he is.

And yes, someone will tell you what a great job you did.

Bump bitch, bump.

Maybe tell him how proud of the man he has turned out to be rather than mummy loves you. Also maybe try not to embarrass him fully

Yeah I probably wouldn’t go with that speech.
How about celebrate his achievements instead of moaning about the future

That is really bad. A simple we are proud of you, we love you and we wish you all the best for a fabulous life is best. Also don't say if you decide to move out. It is when you move out.