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Are narcissist sociopaths and psychopaths pretty much one and the same?


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Nope. And unfortunately those terms get thrown around quite a lot and just because someone is an asshole doesn't mean they fit into either of the three. Less than .3 of the population would classify as psychopaths. Psychopaths are the type that pre meditate, they'll form bonds with people, have plans, and are often Charming think Ivan millak, Ted Bundy. Sociopath often act out of rage, disorganised more likely to have been abused as children and haven't learnt self regulation. Both know what they do is wrong but are wired not to feel guilt. Narrs are self centred and choose not to "walk in others shoes" they'll interrupt you (some people with attention disorders do this without knowing though) or out do you in conversation they barely or begrudgingly apologise, and they love themselves not in the self conscious way

Not the same but share some of the same traits which is why they are often thought of as the same. A sociopath is another name for antisocial personality disorder. The difference between a person with this and a psychopath is that the psychopath has no conscience and a sociopath does, although they ignore the fact they know it’s wrong. A psychopath thinks they are right.

Yes. They are pretty much the same.
BTW, only a narcissist would ask this question.
Are you recently diagnosed?

 They are not pretty much the same. The terms are not interchangeable and massively over used.
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 ^ Narcissists / sociopaths / psychopaths also think they are better than everyone else, know it all and like argue.
How you going there?

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