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How old were you kids when they could swim? Like take a breath swim, don't need to be held.


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My son is 7 and terrified of water. He knows how to float in his own and do basic freestyle but it's a struggle. Some kids love to swim and it comes easy. Others, like mine, aren't great swimmers. Theres no age, just encourage them and they will get there. :)

My kids 5 and still cant. Has been in lessons for years. He just loses it in the water.

 Mine is the same. We both get in the water before his lesson and have a play around. It seems to help his confidence and he slowly seems to be getting better, very slowly
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20 months and 2.5. Mermaids from their first bath.

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Dog paddle about 4, swim properly wirh correct strokes 6

My daughter was able to swim short distances (3- 5 metres) at 10 months. She was in swimming lessons from 12 weeks old.

 That's impressive !must be a good little kicker! im the one who's child swam at 20 months ( though I took the question to mean totally independent and taking breaths by themselves ect)
And I don't think she was doing 5 meters till she was about 16/18 months.

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My oldest is 5.5yo and is has just learnt to swim by himself but he's been doing lessons since about 2yo. Fear of the water held him back from swimming by himself earlier

Around 3 with casual lessons and one intensive block. My kids aren't weren't/aren't/probably never will be strong swimmers but they're skilled enough to have fun in the water and not drown.

He had a year's worth of weekly lessons age 4 to when he was 5, he is 7 now and can do some arm over arm swimming. Pay for as many lessons as you can.