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Are you stocking up on essentials ?


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I made the mistake of panic buying last time (not everything only a couple of items). I have a problem with black out shopping, I've been working on getting better though. So I'd have a panic attack in the shops, fall into a daze, buy whatever caught my eye, usually in bulk (because I try to bulk buy anyway) and get home bewildered by wtf I'd just bought. Which of course made me part of the problem. And pissed my husband off considerably.
Which led to me sharing my excess to try and balance out my shitty shopping. I donated a big box of food to the local food bank, toilet paper to my friends in need, and baby supplies (nappies, wipes, and some jars of food) to a single mother on Facebook.
I recognise that I did the wrong thing, and I'm trying my best to avoid doing it again.

 Hugs to you!
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No because one they have plenty of stock as seen last time and two im not selfish. Sorry but that behaviour makes me angry. You literally take food from those qho have nothing so you have heaps. And you dont see a problem with that? By all means when normalcy returns stock up but not during a pandemic, its unnecessary and mean spirited.

 Some old people are stocking up
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 Old people have always been stocking up
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We have a 12 month supply of canned food and are 80% self sufficient . People have called me crazy for years. Wondered why I put so much work into sowing and tending our mini farm. Theeen all the shelves were empty of seeds and chickens 😂
We do it for many reasons, 1: we enjoy it
2: our kids respect their food
3: incase shit hits the fan
4: I’m happy to pay in labour than work more hours to pay for someone else’s labour.
5: there’s something so organically prideful about cooking a delicious meal made of everything you’ve grown yourself.
6: the added bonus to it all when society goes upside down, little in our life changes but for the fact we go even slower, and that’s a wonderful blessed place to be, and worth all the work.
We are on tank water and solar. I invested in a generator about 10 months ago.
If shit hits the fan we can live off our land entirely, just maybe with no electricity at night if there were a petrol shortage. We could do it but we would lack certain comforts.

I don’t know why I’m rambling, I’m a little tipsy, but no I’m not stocking up cos I already have a years supply 😂 now people can see I’m not as crazy as they once thought lol.

I think it’s smart to have a year of food.
If 2020 has taught us anything is the world as you know it can change over night. You want to be in a position where you have the most control over your life as possible! That way the uncontrollable is very enjoyable 💙

 I agree
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 Yes, but even during COVID was it necessary to have one year’s worth of food?? There was always plenty of food for everyone to buy (yes, there were shortages but an abundance of substitutions were on offer). If you are able to live on a big enough property to be self sufficient and choose to live this way, well that’s lovely for you but realistically not everyone wants to live this way/can live this way with work and other commitments. Your post sounds a bit like you’re floating and it’s not really necessary.
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 Not op of response but I keep a few months of food stashed away. There are lots of awful things that can happen and this way we won't starve. I stockpiled a few weeks before covid was called a pandemic, I knew there would be a run on the shops.
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 Covid was an example, and a war happens and borders are completely closed.
Or a disaster twice as big as we’ve ever seen hits 3 major cities and key production places....
We’ve always grown our own food and had chickens even when we were renters.
This is what control over our life looks like for us, it might look different for Everyone. But people really do place too much trust in systems , and covid was a small glimpse of the chaos that can happen when a major system comes under threat.

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 And a year definitely is to the more extreme end , but at least a few months of food and 3 months of money.

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We live in a very aged suburb.
Last time I found myself crying in the car because 6 shops later I still couldn't get chicken breast.
No I'm not going to stock up. If we do then someone might be crying in their car because they cant get food for their children's dinner. Because some bastards stocked up.
Please everyone, don't be those bastards.
If we all help each other there's no worries.

 Maybe you should have got the sausages. If it's taught us anything it's that we need to be more flexible.
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 Go to other shops
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 Ok but like there are other meat
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 OP of this comment. It wasn't about the chicken. It was about the greed and the whole "f**k everyone else" attitude. The chicken was a catalyst for a meltdown because I can't believe how un- Australian people are.
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 But people do panic, when they see the shelves stripped most will grab a few extra bits so they don't go hungry. It's an instinct to make sure your children are fed, and our children will always take priority over others children.
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Probably should be but I'm feeling lazy about the whole thing

Absolutely not. Do not encourage panic buying please!!!

I just checked my cupboard and apparently I'm stockpiling laundry powder and baby wipes. So we might starve but at least our clothes will be clean and our bums fresh 😂

No. But I did buy an extra pack of toilet paper to take to my parents, as they can't get any.

My local had no toilet paper nor tissues and we don’t have any active cases... not happy Jan!!!!!!

No. It looks like I am if I buy my groceries in store. But we have a big family and I'm only buying a fortnights worth of stuff. This is why I usually get my stuff delivered. The toilet paper restrictions (whilst understandable) are annoying for us. We buy 2 18 packs usually but now the online orders are always "out of stock" of our size and we can only buy the 6 packs. Ffs. I swear if I ever meet these roll hoarders, I'm going to kick the bejesus out of them.
Anyway, no. And from next week I'll be trying to dial back our shopping to weekly instead even if it costs us more.

 I know I'll get eaten alive for saying this but I know people of a certain culture (not asians) who in the last lot of panic buying had entire rooms of their houses full of stocked goods.
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 Italian and Greek, in my experience
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No one is panicking buying. But somehow shelves are getting emptied.
Do the maths, no one admits it... but everyone is secretly hoarding stuff. I am!

 *panic buying
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 Sooooo.... Nothing to do with the lack of imports from china??
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 ^ next to none of our food comes from China. And all our toilet paper is made in Aus.
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 Not necessarily. The supermarkets could be making it up to encourage panic buying so they sell more goods. I dont trust them not to.
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I already had a couple of extra bits and pieces. Not excessive because Im not greedy, just enough to last my family of 6 for 2 weeks which is the recommendation.

I keep a three month supply of pantry staples, and stock up on specials all the time.

No of course not. I'm completely BAFFLED what the thinking is behind this. Why do you need to? Are the shops going to close?