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What has your child said to you in public to embarrass you ?

My 5 year old asked me why I have 5 kids and why I am fat and don’t dress nicely or wear makeup at school gate


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Years ago one direction came on over the speakers in Coles and my 2.5 year old starting scream "one erection". Also same child called a clock/watch a "c**k" and told a man at the shops that Daddy got a new c**k.

 One erection😅
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 My eldest saw a huge grandfather clock in a shopping centre "BIG C**K MUMMY!!! LOOK!!! BIG BIG C**K!!!"
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My 3 year old said by pointing: i dont like black people.
Wtf! He is dark brown.

In a public change room (loudly): “mummy you should get some new panties too because your bottom is falling out everywhere!”

To a checkout boy with acne : “I had chicken pops too but not how many you got!”

After giving birth to her brother (to the Dr at 6 week checkup) “are you sure there’s not some more babies in there?”

Not my kid but overheard this one while at a checkout.
"Mum I came out of your vagina didn't I"
So hard not to laugh and I very discreetly looked behind me to see who said it. Maybe 4yr old boy. Mum was bright red with embarrassment

I said no to chocolate in Woolworths. So my 11 year old son asked "why do you have to be a fat fu****g wh**e about everything?" And walked off screeching "no wonder dad hates you, stupid ugly s**t".
I just cried. And left my trolley there. My ex is poison.

 Omg that’s cruel not even embarrassing I’m so sorry. I hope things are better now. Xx
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 Thank you, you are kind. After a lot of counseling he is a different child. Moving states helped.
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Bra shopping with my 3 yr old son when he pulls one of the rack and said "boobies", the old lady in the next aisle had a giggle at that. Not really embarrassing - not much embarrasses me these days - but I thought it was funny :P

My other child used to have a thing about pointing out larger people and saying they were fat :/ now that was always awful. I used to use it as an "all bodies are different" lesson. The odd thing was that his grandma is a large lady so I never quite got where his fascination came from.

Me and my son were on the subject of being weird, after he said he was weird. I said we are all weird.
I then asked what my weirdness was answer: your farts 💨🤣

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When my son was four we saw a very overweight lady with a massive arse. My son said “ whoa, that lady must have a really huge toilet”. I looked at him horrified and he said “ well she must have otherwise her butt cheeks would hang over the sides”. OMG I nearly died. She was standing two metres in front of us and I’m sure she could’ve heard.

My then 3 year old told the check out lady at coles that he needed to pee with his big penis 😅 Luckily she was a mum of a similar aged boy so she just laughed.

My son ran up to a random man once at the shop and started calling him daddy. Didn’t look anything like his dad. It was so embarrassing.