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What brand of Washing Powder/Liquid do you use?

I love Cold Power, it gets the clothes clean and it smells fresh and clean, but I can only afford to buy it if its on special and I have to get the cheaper ones in between.
Do you have a cheaper washing powder that actually works?


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I use the earth liquid. Only because my husband is sensitive 😒 Lol. Anyway it's not bad, not a huge smell though.

 I use this on all bub's clothes but OMO for the rest. Its the only stuff I've found that works on hubby's work clothes 😝
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Trimat advance (Aldi version of omo) well that's what I think.
It's great.
I only buy Omo when it's 1/2 price.

 I buy OMO when it's on special too! I stock up so I never pay full price 😝
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 The Aldi one is supposed to be good too (from choice study). havent tried it yet, will try it next time.
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Omo liquid and dynamo liquid. I only buy it at half price which is about every second week

 This is what I do and use half as much. But other than that Radiant is supposed to be fairly good at geting stains out.
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Omo. I've tried nearly everything. You can't beat omo.

 more dollars than sense
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 ^no not at all. Choice and other studies show it to be the most effective. I buy it when its $9 for 2KG on special, and use half the recommended amount. Works great.
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I love soap nuts. You can use them so many times and they do a great job especially if you add a bit of soap but liquid. I just started using them this year and will never go back my clothes no longer have that waxy feel to them. And I use a homemade fabric softener. This combined is awesome and will save my machine also

I prefer to use eco store or earth but my husband prefers cold power or omo. He works away so I use mine while he's away but I have a few jugs/bottles/whatever you call them of his preferences for when he's home (I stockpile groceries anyway)

Usually we buy a big box from Big W, but I haven't been there lately so Aldi it is ATM. Don't like it as it has little scent.

homebrand ....need money for smokes

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Coles and ww have it on special heaps. Maybe buy an extra one or two when they are on 1/2 price or if it's on special on your non shopping week grab one if you go there. Check out $ per litre/kg. I always stock up when on special as everything always runs out and you need it when not on special. So annoying.

omo sensitive it's the only one I have sound not to fire up my kids excema