25 Unique Double-Barreled Baby NamesPlus 15 celebrities with lovely double-barreled names!

We’ve all heard of double-barreled surnames – but there are loads of unique and beautiful first names that can also be double-barreled.

Double-barreled names are particularly popular in the United States where women used their maiden names as their middle name to preserve the history of the family name.

But, with celebrities having double-barreled first names, there is now a growing trend of making first names double-barreled which is actually cute. So, we’ve got you 25 unique double-barreled baby names and a list of celebrities with lovely double-barreled first names so you can take your pick for your precious bundle of joy.

Girls Names


A popular and lovely double-barreled first name, Amelia means ‘hard working’ derived from the German name ‘Emily’. Rose meaning flower in English, makes for a strong yet sweet girl’s name.


A practical and girly double-barreled name, Amy meaning ‘beloved’ and ‘loved’, derived from the French word ‘amore’. Leigh meaning ‘meadow’ in Latin, makes a lovely meaning for a baby girl’s name.


A sturdy name for a baby girl, Anna-Marie is derived from the German name ‘Annamaria’ which means ‘bitter grace’.


A popular Western name for girls, Ann means ‘gracious’ or ‘full or grace’. Marie is derived from the name ‘Mary’ meaning ‘grace’, a beautiful meaning for a name.


A unique sounding girl’s name with a lovely meaning, Ava means ‘bird’ in Latin and Mae is derived from the name Mabel.


A playful unisex name for boys and girls derived from the name ‘William’  meaning ‘resolute protector’. Jo is derived from the name ‘Josephine’, ‘Joseph’ or ‘Joanna’ which means, ‘God will expand the land’.


A popular modern name for girls, Cora-Lee is derived from the English name ‘Coralee’ which means ‘maiden’.


A bright name, Ellie is derived from the French name Eleanor meaning ‘bright one’, Mae is derived from the name ‘Mabel’ or can also stand for the month of May.


An extremely popular name for girls, Jamie means ‘supplanter’ in Scottish and Lee is derived from the English name ‘Leah’ meaning ‘clearing’.


A cheerful girl’s name derived form the Gaelic name ‘Kellyanne’ which means ‘lively’ and ‘aggressive’.


A lovely sounding baby girl’s name, Kirra means ‘lady of light’ in Greek and Belle is derived from the French name ‘Isabella’ meaning ‘beautiful’. Kirra-Belle is a popular modern name.


Derived from English and French words and two different types of flowers, Lily-Rose means ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty’.


Mary is a Hebrew name meaning ‘bitter’ or ‘wished for child’. Alice is a French name meaning ‘noble’, Mary-Alice has a unique and wonderful ring to it.


Another very popular name among girls in modern times, Mary meaning “bitter’ in Hebrew and Elizabeth meaning ‘satisfaction’ in Greek.


A modern and practical girl’s name, Sarah-Jane is a Hebrew name meaning ‘beautiful princess’.


Sophia-Rose is an exotic sounding name. Sophie means ‘wisdom’ in Greek and Rose stands for the flower.


A lovely name, Summer stands for the warmer months of the year and Rose stands for the popular flower, a wonderful meaning for a girl’s name.

Boys Names


Beau is a French-derived name meaning ‘handsome’ or ‘famous’. Alexander is a Greek name meaning ‘defender of men’. A sturdy yet classic name for a baby boy.


A wonderful name for a boy that is timeless, Benjamin is a Hebrew name meaning ‘son of the south’ or ‘son of the right hand’. Grey is an English name meaning ‘grey-haired’.


Billy derived from the English name ‘William’ and Joe derived from the name ‘Joseph’. Billy Joe is a playful and joyful name for a boy.


Harvey-Dean is a strong name for a boy. Harvey is an English name meaning ‘iron’ and ‘blazing, Dean is an Old-English name derived form ‘Denu’ meaning ‘valley’.


John is a Hebrew name meaning ‘God is gracious’, Micheal, another Hebrew name meaning ‘who is like God’. This is a practical and popular name for boys.


Noah is a biblical name meaning ‘rest’ or ‘comfort’, Presley is an English name meaning ‘from the priest’s meadow’, Noah-Presley is a timeless and classic name for a baby boy.


A classy name for a boy, Sawyer is a Celtic name meaning ‘someone who cuts timber’, Ford meaning ‘windsor’. Sawyer-Ford is a great name for a boy.


Wyatt is an English name meaning ‘guide’ or ‘wood’. West is a German word meaning ‘from the West’. This is a unique boy’s name with a swish sound to it.


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