Our Honest Bed Threads Review 2023

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Our Honest Bed Threads Review 2023

Bed Threads Review! Add luxury to your bedtime with Linen sheets!

Summer is approaching – which means long, sweaty, hot nights…. and not in a sexy way either! There is nothing worse than being kept awake all night because of the summer heat! As a surprise for my partner, I purchased a 100% French Flax Linen Sheet Set from Bed Threads. That’s right – French Flax.  Fancy huh!

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Bed Threads Fog and White Sheets | Stay at Home

My partner is very much a sheet snob. Me – not so much. I was always happy with the $25 Kmart sheets, but that’s because I didn’t know any better. He first introduced to me really nice flannelette sheets in winter and then bought an amazing bamboo sheet set. I was starting to convert, these sheets were so nice. He mentioned a few times that he really wanted to try linen sheets.

Linen sheets are known for being naturally absorbent, anti-bacterial and they grow softer and softer over time. They have such long durability, that some families even pass down their linen sheets as an heirloom!

I was so impressed with the quality of the sheets, so here is my Bed Threads Review.

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They pride themselves on creating beautiful soft linen sheets that are affordable for the everyday person. They source their flax fibres from France, and then the sheets are manufactured through ethical trading conditions in China. This is how Bed Threads are able to create affordable sheet sets, this helps cut the cost of manufacturing.

It still has great, high-quality linen, but it’s nicer on your wallet! If you were to visit the Bed Threads website, you can see how open they are about the process of how their linen sheets are created. It’s really refreshing to find a company that is that transparent about its processes, as there are some companies that make textiles in China but claim they are made in Europe.

Bed Threads provide a customisable “build your own bundle” option to create a sheet set to suit your taste because apparently, not everyone likes a top sheet (I must admit I never use top sheets with the kids, they end up kicked to the bottom of the bed!). With over 17 colours to choose from and sizing from a double all the way up to a super king.

Each set includes 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a duvet cover. The sheet sets are certified to have no nasty chemicals in them

First Off, WTF is Flax Linen?

So, if you have no idea what Flax Linen is  – you aren’t alone! I didn’t either.

Flax Linen is made from a fibre and food plant called flax or linseed. It’s also what is used to make linseed oil. Flax has been utilised to make linen for over 4,000 years. Priests, royalty and those of higher society would wear linen.

The process to create flax linen is very time-consuming, taking 100 days just to harvest, let alone manufacture. This is why the cost of some flax linen products can be quite high, they can take such a long time to make.

The flax plant itself will only grow well in cooler climates with damp soil. The best areas to grow flax, which is known as the “Flax Belt”, include parts of France, Holland and Belgium.

Bed Threads source their flax from France, so you know you are getting some of the highest quality flax out there.

My Bed Threads Review

I ordered the Oatmeal Flax Linen set in a “King Special Size” using Afterpay. This set included 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a Super King duvet cover. Bed Threads have this great option where you can customise the sizes of the sheets you purchase. So, by ordering the Super King duvet cover, it covers our bed more and it’s easier for us to share.

The sheets took 3 weeks to arrive, this was due to Covid-19 (damn Covid!) delays. My partner was like a little kid at Christmas when the Bed Threads sheets were delivered!

One of the suggestions when you first buy linen sheets, is to wash them first. I’m pretty sure he washed with bi-carb and vinegar a few times before we even put them on the bed. He wanted to achieve maximum softness for the first wear, but I am sure you don’t need to do this.

The linen had a “rough” texture initially, but once they were washed they softened up. To be honest, I was pretty sceptical when they first arrived. The initial “rough” texture made me think they would be scratchy, uncomfortable and irritating, and I didn’t really understand how they would soften up.

After those few rounds in the washing machine, we slept on them.

My partner and I are very different in some ways. I love to sleep with the air-con on, all year round. I love to sleep in the cold, maybe it’s because I was born and raised in Tasmania?  My partner however, would rather sleep with no air-con.

The first night that we slept on the linen sheets, I was surprised at how heavy they felt. It was actually really comforting. The duvet cover was big enough I wasn’t yanking the blanket from the resident blanket hog. The first night, I had the air-con on 18, and all I slept with was the duvet cover over the top of me, and I felt warm.

So I definitely agree, the linen sheets keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Over time, the sheets have become softer and softer each time we wash them.

I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the Bed Threads sheets, and I have had really good night’s sleep in them!

I’d confidently say – I’m converted and planning on getting some more Bed Threads sets for Christmas.

Overall Bed Threads Review

Overall, we were both impressed at bed threads quality and comfort. Especially impressed by their heaviness and warmth to keep my partner from sweating and keep me warm. Their ability to regulate the temperature was amazing.

We are now 6 washes in and I can tell you these are catching up fast to be the softest sheets we have. In reality, these sheets are taken off and put back on the same day, and I think this says a lot for my partner and I prefer these sheets over others that just sit in the cupboard now.

We are planning to buy more Bed Threads sheets as such to be able to mix and match colours and not have to rush to wash and replace the same day. On that note too, they are very fast drying, tumble drying is not recommended, but line drying in the sun was of no real issue with their fast drying.

Bed Thread Linen Care tips

If you love linen sheets, or you’re a newbie – here are some tips for caring for your linen sheets:

  • Bed Threads Washing Instructions: Always wash your linen sheets with a gentle, cold cycle with a mild detergent
  • Avoid storing in plastic storage: This was one I didn’t know about, but because of the natural fibres of Flax Linen, it’s best to store them in a dry, dark cupboard. If they are stored in plastic storage, there is a risk of creating mould.
  • Keep it separate: Another way to maintain your sheets is to always wash them separately to your other sheet sets or washing in general. It can be a pain to do a whole washing cycle just for your linen sheets, but it will help maintain the durability of your linen sheet set.

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We hope you enjoyed you our Bed Threads Review. Please comment below on how you found your Bed Threads Sheets. Enjoy 🙂

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