Car Maintenance and Servicing

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Car Maintenance and Servicing

Cars cost a lot of money  (they are usually our second biggest investment) so it’s important to look after them and service them regularly so they will stay reliable .  After all, not many people could just go out and buy a new one if the one you have suddenly dies. Here are some tips to keep your car in tip top shape.

Servicing and Mechanical Repairs

If you have absolutely no idea about how to service your car (guilty!) it’s best left to the experts.  Different repairers can charge very different prices so it really pays to shop around to get the best deal.  Get on the phone and ask about their standard services, and what is included.  If a repairer services your vehicle and tells you that you need major work, get a second opinion before having the work done!  A reputable repairer won’t mind at all.

If a part needs replacing and not you’re sure if they truly have replaced it – ask for the old part!

Check Your Warranty

If your car is nearing the end of it’s warranty period, it pays to get it checked out throughly by someone independent. That way you can have any problems fixed for free under the warranty and for the bit of extra money you will spend, it could save you thousands!

Save on Parts

If you own an older style car, don’t be afraid to try and locate spare parts from wreckers and having them professionally inspected for quality and installed you could save yourself hundreds!

Check the Oil, Water and Tyre Pressure

This is something every car owner should know how to do. Check your oil regularly or you risk cooking your engine.  Don’t wait for the light to tell you  check your oil at LEAST once a week, more if you know your car has issues with oil.  While you’re checking your oil, make sure there is plenty of water in the radiator. If you don’t know how to do this get someone you trust to show you or ask your local mechanic.  There is also the auto transmission fluid and battery to check and it’s best to get these done when your car is being serviced.  It doesn’t hurt though to check the levels (to do this, check with your owners manual!).

The recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle will be listed in the owners manual, you can top up the air at your local service station. Keeping your tyres at the correct pressure will increase the tyres life and will save you money on both tyres and fuel!

Make sure the spare tyre is kept in good condition too, you never know when you’ll need it.

Don’t have an owners manual for your car?  You can now download them, just check with your manufacturer’s website.



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