DIY Home Maintenance Tips

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DIY Home Maintenance Tips

DIY Home Maintenance Tips

Did you know that Stay at Home Mum’s husband is a carpenter?  Ohhh lucky girl I hear you say…. well that is true, but a Carpenter’s house is never finished – so sometimes a gal has to do, what a gal has to do!  Here are some simple DIY tips for around the house that could save you a bomb.  Just remember though – never ever attempt anything electrical yourself – always get a licensed sparky in to do it for you!!!!

Got a Broken Window?

If the window is easily removeable – take the window out and take it to the glazier rather then the glazier coming to you – they can fit the new glass in his own time (quickly hopefully) and you can just pick it up and put it back in – you could save a fortune on call out fee’s!

Lose your House Keys?

Rather then calling a locksmith, try replacing the lock barrels yourself (if your a bit handy that is).  You can pick up replacement lock barrels at your local hardware store for around the $30 mark.  Again your saving on the call out fee.  If you need a bit of instruction on how to actually replace the lock – try Youtube for detailed instructions!

Do a DIY Course

Many local Tafe colleges or Adult Education courses or even your local hardware store quite often have DIY home handyperson courses.  These are really great – and don’t cost much money at all (or are even free).  Learn how to use a drill, hammer a nail, install a kitchen or build a house from scratch!!!  Plus you not only learn a new skill, but will have the satisfaction of doing the work yourself, at a price you can afford!

Not Handy at All?

If the thought of picking up a hammer fills you with dread that you might break a nail – perhaps it’s time to call in a professional.  To get the best deal there are a few options.  First see if you can find a retired tradesperson who knows the skills, but will be happy to do the odd job for a bit of money on the side.  If your in no rush to get the job done – this can save you valuable dollars.

Alternatively see if you can get a cheaper quote if you supply the materials yourself.  Shopping around and using the internet are guaranteed ways to save some dollars.

If your not handy but don’t mind getting your hands dirty – see if you can act as the tradesperson’s labourer for the day.  Sure you might have to fetch and carry and do some digging depending on the job – but if that tradesperson doesn’t have to fork out for an apprentice or helper to do it – you can save some dollars – and perhaps learn a few things – and get fit at the same time.

Coming Soon: Ask the Handyman Section!!!!

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