This is The Best Compact Stroller That Fits in the Overhead Compartment of a Plane!

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This is The Best Compact Stroller That Fits in the Overhead Compartment of a Plane!

Planning a holiday with your toddler and unsure what type of stroller to bring on your next flight? Look no further.

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about bringing a compact stroller for your next holiday.

What Should You Look For in a Compact Stroller?

There are various types of strollers available in the market today, such as an umbrella stroller, double travel stroller, and other collapsible strollers for flying.

Choosing one that suits your flying needs is important and here are a few things to consider when flying with a compact stroller.


Most airlines have a policy when it comes to carry-on baggage. The maximum carry-on size for the majority of airlines is 45 linear inches. It is the sum of the carry-on’s height, depth, and breadth which measures 56 x 36 x 23 cm.

The reason for this restriction is so that your carry on can fit in the overhead compartment of the plane or beneath your seat.

Many of these stroller comes with a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

Overhead Compartment of a Plane | Stay at Home

Fits in the overhead compartment

In most cases, it is allowed to have a stroller that can fits in the overhead bin as long as they abide to the carry on restrictions of the airline.

Strollers are useful to keep kids comfortable when traveling. It can save your little one from feeling tired and exhausted from extended walks at the airport, especially from the terminal to baggage claim.

Without a stroller, you may end up carrying your toddler the moment you land and step off the plane.

Hence, a foldable compact travel stroller for flight travel is worth every penny to avoid all the hassle and stress at the airport. It takes up very little room when folded and can be easily stored away.


Having sufficient storage is one of the important features to consider when choosing a compact stroller for your kids. A storage basket that can fit your child’s essentials such as their diaper bag saves you from the need to carry it on your back.

However, due to the way compact stroller folds, the compromise often comes in the storage basket. You often end up with a storage area that is small.

Hence, make sure you look for a stroller that provides adequate storage. Whenever traveling, every available storage comes in handy.

Safety features

Some strollers offer a 3-point harness whereas others offer a 5-point harness to secure your toddler while in the pram. The safer option is to choose one with a 5-point harness. You will also notice that newer prams nowadays all offer 5-point harnesses.

Ensure that the stroller has quality functional brakes. Many parents roll their carry on luggage while resting their child on it. Even though that is convenient, this set up places your child at risk of falling.

It is best to make sure that your equipment or stroller has brakes and that you are able to engage the brakes easily when needed.

TernX Carry On is the Best Compact Stroller | Stay at Home

What size stroller can you take on an airplane?

Internation Air Transport Association standards for carry-on is 56 x 45 x 23cm however every airline has different carry-on size requirements. Most airlines allow a maximum of 56 x 36 x 23cm.

Always check the size of your strollers against the airline’s carry on dimensions before jetting off.

What stroller can I bring internationally?

As most airlines allow a maximum of 56 x 36 x 23cm, getting a compact stroller that fits within this dimension will help you with your international travel.

Lightweight travel strollers that have a compact fold are the best options for airport travel. If you are traveling with a regular stroller or double stroller, be prepared to part from your stroller the moment you board the plane. Bigger-size strollers often get checked into the hold and in many cases, you will have to retrieve your stroller at the carousel or the oversize counter when you land at your destination.

As international travel often requires layovers, the chance of missing a connecting flight or experiencing a flight delay is higher. In situations like this, having a compact stroller allows you to have your stroller with you at all times, making it easier for you to manage your toddler.

TernX Carry On is the Best Compact Stroller That Fits in the Overhead Compartment of a Plane | Stay at Home

TernX Carry On is the Best Compact Stroller That Fits in the Overhead Compartment of a Plane

Have you heard of the TernX carryon stroller? It is considered the best airplane travel stroller when you are on a family holiday with your children.

Here is a quick preview of what you can expect with the TernX carry on.

  • It is the only compact stroller that offers storage even when it is folded.
  • Made of recycled German polycarbonate and aerospace aluminum.
  • Perfect compact stroller for airplane travel as it fits in the overhead compartment of a plane.

It is a multi-function 2 in 1 carry-on luggage that can be used as a travel stroller. The luggage compartment offers up to 20L of storage.

When not in use, it folds into a suitcase with a dimension of 55 x 36 x 23cm.

The TernX carry on stroller has a multi-position reclining seat which provides extra comfort for your little ones. It also offer a decent size storage basket underneath as well as the luggage compartment.

It also comes with a detachable sun canopy that can be used outdoors.

Can you take a stroller on a plane for free?

Yes, you can take a stroller on the plane without any additional charges as long as it is within the allowable dimensions.

Depending on the airlines, your stroller may count towards your carry on allowance if you are flying with a lap infant.

If you are flying with a regular stroller, make sure you bring a travel stroller bag with you to protect your stroller from getting damaged during handling. The last thing you want is to receive a damaged stroller at your holiday destination.

Get Your Compact Stroller and Simplify Your Family Travels

Do yourself a favor and simplify your family travels. Getting a collapsible stroller for airplane travel will give you the simplicity and convenience for you and your family.

You can easily store your stroller in the overhead bin of the plane and have your stroller with you at all times. Experience stress free airport travel and enjoy your holiday.

This is The Best Compact Stroller That Fits in the Overhead Compartment of a Plane! Pinnable

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