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My husband is driving me nuts.

Answered 5 days ago

We are in Melbourne and have been in lockdown for months. Both working from home with children. He is seriously starting to drive me insane. He does nothing. Lazy. Tonight i cracked it at my daughter because she wouldn’t get dressed after bath and was standing at her window half naked, i swore and he tells me to shut up because “the windows are open”. Even though he is constantly shouting and loud all the time!! So sick of his hypocrisy. That just pi$$ed me right off. I really just need space i am so sick of him. Arrggghhhh!!!!

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5 days ago
Throw your daughter outside

5 months ago
Go for walk on ur own. Melb mum here same boat its about to get worse omnibus billnpassed. Take so mme u vtime go walking done alone for the an hr