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Parenting payment partnered

Answered 1 month ago

I think I should have been reporting my partners income for parenting payment partnered but haven’t been 😭 At least 6 or 7 years ago I received a letter stating I no longer had to report (my partner had just started his current job & it was an apprenticeship) but now I have started working again in a permanent part time job I have since began reporting. I’m so stressed out and have been crying for days. I know I’m in the wrong but feel it’s an honest mistake and I honestly didn’t know I had to report his income. I don’t know where to go from here. Please help & be kind. I feel immense guilt.

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1 month ago
Look, you won't know until you call them. If you happen to owe money to them, you can work out a payment plan. As long as you're genuine on the phone, apologise sincerely, and take responsibility for your possible mistakes, they should be completely reasonable, and helpful. They're a social security system, they'd lose out if they decided to bankrupt you. What good would that do? Force you into poverty to pay them a bill, so you can end up back on centrelink? No, they're far more likely to be reasonable and allow a payment plan.
Try not to stress about it. I know thats easier said then done. But, dear, it's late now. Get yourself a nice warm cup of Milo, and get some rest. This is a "tomorrow issue". Nothing can be done tonight.