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Simple dinners that can be eaten at different times that evening

Answered 1 year ago

My children have different activities and tutoring Monday to Friday plus I have my exercise classes. I'm driving each child to and from and in between we may have 15 minutes to 30 minutes in the house before pickup of one child and drop off of another.
I'm hoping to get some ideas of what I can have ready for dinner that they can just help themselves to.
I have things like wraps and omelette (they are old enough to make) but I need more ideas.

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1 year ago
Pasta bake
Pulled chicken or pork tacos
Boiled eggs
Salads with or without protein
Cold satay noodles with chicken - so yum
Pikelets and fruit

1 year ago
Chicken salad
Rice paper rolls
Tuna fritters
You could pre make meals that they just have to reheat their serve in the microwave- fried rice, risotto, pasta bake, stir fry, curries, spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, chilli con carne