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Wrecked Proposal Plans

Answered 12 months ago

I intend on proposing to my gf she has no clue but my initial plans of a nice weekend away with all the stops has had to be put on hold, how else can it be made special will definitely be going out for a meal but what else

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12 months ago
Depends on what you both like.
My hubby just proposed to me at home, 10 years ago and it was so beautiful. We had a long hallway when you opened the front door, so I had gotten home and opened the door to rose petals and candles lining the hallway and stuck to the wall was about 10 cards, each said why his life was better now that I was in it. Then the final card said "and those are just a few of the reasons I want to spend my life with you", I turned the corner and he was down on one knee. It was absolutely perfect!!! I still cry every time I think about it. Including now hahaha. Good luck!!


12 months ago
That sounds beautiful