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Centrelink relationship

Answered 6 months ago

I am now living with my partner and advised Centrelink when it happened 3wks ago HOWEVER I am 6m pregnant (surprise) and they’re asking for a stat dec confirming we weren’t in a de facto relationship before moving in. After lots of research I think we may have been considered de facto to Centrelink from early last year and I just didn’t realise. If I call Centrelink and advise them I know I will have to repay the debt BUT will they charge me with fraud even though I’m telling them of my mistake? Happy to pay back the money (will need payment plan) but just scared of the criminal record as it will leave me with no job or future job prospects in my current industry/ study field.

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6 months ago
You can have sex and not live with the father

7 months ago
I am just wondering how you were classed as so early last year? I am assuming you told them you were 6months pregnant? Have you already told them tye circumstances from early last year or could you just tell them he’s moving in now given you have realised you’re pregnant. (A common situation)


7 months ago
Maybe point out you don’t have to be living together to conceive lol
They are sometimes still recording your conversations even when you are on hold btw

7 months ago
You will be made to pay it back