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What is your opinion about the Lindy tapes ?

Answered 1 year ago

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1 year ago
During to watched of Lindy Tapes last night and also had been read every questions also answered about through the first Court 40 years ago.
Also had been searched of everything included their yellow car that examined of blood inside included glove box and may
to believe stabbing by the scissor.
Then Michael may took the baby in his camera bag however to found the blood of the zip and took the baby to somewhere
that to never find but may not by the dingo to attacked however to found her matinee jacket near the Ayers Rock by the
British male. How did the dingo to removed the jacket however the collar of jacket was blood could be stabbing.
So I was thinking of Michael took the baby to buried the soil of somewhere and may to put the plant tree that to grow big
as 40 years ago and may to find around of the big tree if to know so just to dig around the bottom root if to find it. I may
sure of about this news or not as to explain to you about this. May not to tell Lindy of this news till to find of arrange to do.

Talis Bundzenieks Ballarat Victoria


1 year ago
You have too much imagination.

1 year ago