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Cranky at partner after MY sexy dream

Answered 12 months ago

I've been having lots of vivid dreams, and waking up tired (and cranky!)

Last night, amongst others, I had a dream I hooked up with a neighbor in their car, and another one that I went swimming fully clothed with a guy friend. Just remember getting out of the water looking basically naked with a summer dress going see through and clinging to me.

I woke up feeling really cranky with my partner for some reason too - I feel like I must be sexually frustrated or something!!! I really wish I could do something to indulge underlying fantasies (just look at the dreams...) and get out of the same-same rut in my married sex life...

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12 months ago
Bored with my sex life too...

12 months ago
Ha! Dont tell hubby which neighbor you dreamed about ;)