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Parenting payments

Answered 7 months ago

I am taking parenting payments when I submit the claim I made a mistake there was a question. Dose your partner is a director of company or hold shares. I answered no because he is not a director but he got partnership. I thought they were talking about the shares which we buy from the shares market. I rang them to let them know that I restart my job. That time they find it out i made mistake. It happened only because I didn’t understand that question. What will happen now. I am very scared what I have to do

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7 months ago
if you incur a debt due to payment reassessment based on the amended info, request escalation for authorised review - especially as genuine mistake made, nothing fraudulent

10 months ago
Dont worry too much.. it’s not jailable.. at worst you’ll just have something to pay back.. call them again and explain and make a note of the date and time you call and a brief description about what was said