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Has anyone applied for the Centrelink jobseeker payment?

Answered 2 years ago

I’ve gone online to try and find out if I can claim. I was told I could. I was working 25-30 hours weekly. It’s been dropped to 10, possibly will lose more. My husband earns way below the new cut off of $79k but it doesn’t look like I’m eligible as I still earn money. Even though I now don’t know if we will manage week to week without my income. We have battled through the drought, my husband had about 4 months of little to no income, we weren’t entitled to any drought relief, as we aren’t primary producers just the workers, I did apply through salvos in November and heard nothing.... This used up every cent we had scraped together to save and now this. Sorry that was abit of a rant, but I’ve registered my intent to claim and I got a text saying go online and apply but there’s nothing to do with corona virus just the usual claims... when I go through the estimator it says $0. Do I just apply anyway? I’ve heard horror stories of long hold times so thought I would try here first... TIA

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2 years ago
Honey you actually qualify for job keeper not job seekers and it's more money the govt pay your employer to pay you it's 1500 a fortnight. Look it up then inform your employer as they need to register their intent