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Origin: Greek

Meaning: Of the Forest

Silas is a cognate Silvanus. This was the name of a Christian disciple. The Hebrew name meaning for Silas is ‘The youngest’. This name is used moderately for baby boys.

Famous Silas’s

  • Silas Soule (Abolitionist)
  • Justin Timberlake called his first son, Silas
  • Silas Bill (Canadian Politician)


Origin: Norwegian

Meaning: Thunder

Thor is from Norse Mythology known as the son of Odin and the god of strength, thunder, war and storms. This name is becoming more popular with boys names.The recent superhero movies from the cinemas featuring Thor has had a big influence on the popularity of this name.

Famous Thor’s:

    • Thor Heyerdahl (Explorer)
    • Thor Hushovd (Racecar Driver)



Origin: English


Trey is a variant of Treyton or Treynor and was originally known to be derived from Thurman Thackeray lll as Trey was his nickname. Trey is a popular name among basketball fans as it means ‘Three-point shot’.

Famous Trey’s:

  • Trey Songs (Musician)
  • Trey Schafer (Model)
  • Trey Smith (Musician)



Origin: Irish

Meaning: Land of Eoghan

Tyrion is a name found from a character from Game of Thrones, he is known to be the ugliest but most intelligent person in the world. This is another uniquely identified name.



Origin: German

Meaning: Resolute Protector

Will is a variant of William, Will is an old fashioned name that is described as charming and down to earth. This is a popular name worldwide.

Famous Justices:

  • William Shakespeare (Writer)
  • Will Smith (Actor)
  • Will Ferrell (Actor)



Origin: English

Meaning: Camp fortress

Winchester is an ancient used by names of kings and rulers from olden times. Winchester is also the name of the city in England and a soccer team.


Origin: English

Meaning: Lives by the gates

The Old English meaning for Yates is for a gatekeeper or a person who lived close to a gate. This is a popular american name and is a common surname.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Lily

The Japanese meaning for Yuri is lily, a form of the name is Kanji. Yuri is a gentle name that is unisex and culturally recognized as an Asian toned named.

Famous Justices:

  • Yuri Lowenthal (Actor)
  • Yuri Sardarov (Actor)
  • Yuri Canseco (Musician)


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Jehovah has remembered or the Lord has remembered

Zachariah is an ancient name that has been used from many different cultures and settings. It is known to have become popular from the sixteenth century. There are 30 different personages named Zachariah in the Bible. The shortened variant ‘Zach’ is extremely liked and popular.

Famous Zac’s Include:

  • Zac Efron (Actor)
  • Zach Galifianakis (stand- up comedian)
  • Zachary Quinto (Film Producer)


Origin: Greek

Meaning: God of the Skies

Zeus is famously known as the supreme Olympian god. He was the ruler of the Sky, fate, lightning and thunder. This is a strong and dominant name with a noble meaning and backstory.

Famous Zeus’s:

  • Zues Mendoza (Actor)
  • Zues Cervas

    (Art Developer)

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