8 Great Places to Visit in Western Australia

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8 Great Places to Visit in Western Australia

Western Australia has so much to offer, yet many people don’t think to visit this vast and beautiful state.

It has some of the best beaches, wine and formations in the world. If you plan on heading there, then add in your list these 10 wonderful places to visit in Western Australia.

1. Yallingup Caves, Margaret River

Not suitable for toddlers or really little kids, but if you have kids aged nine and over, this is an adventure of a lifetime. Go down into the bowels of the earth to see this amazing cave system. These caves are located beneath the limestone ridge. There is an aboriginal legend tied to the caves as there was a battle between a good and bad spirit.

10 Great Places to Visit in Western Australiia for Fathers Day | Stay at Home Mum

2. Fremantle Prison Tour

The dark history of a place sparks the interest of tourists and Fremantle Prison has so much to offer with its inescapable past and horrific history.

The Fremantle Prison was built by its convicts in the 1850s. For 136 years, it was used as a place of incarceration but it has now been decommissioned as an operating maximum security jail starting in 1991.

Now, Fremantle Prison has a range of fascinating tours perfect for adventurers who want to learn about convict and prison life, the daring escapes and the colourful characters at the largest and most intact prison in Australia, which is now considered as a World Heritage Site.

Experienced tour guides can take adventurous visitors 20 metres below the prison to explore a one-kilometre “labyrinth of tunnels by foot and by boat on an underground Tunnels Tour.” Even more adventurous ones can go into the darker side of the prison’s history at night on a spooky Torchlight Tour.

10 Great Places to Visit in Western Australia for Fathers Day | Stay at Home Mum

3. Western Australian Maritime Museum, Fremantle

Known as a coastal city and port, Western Australia has a rich maritime past that is now recorded and preserved in the state’s world class museum, the Western Australian Maritime Museum.

It has different unique galleries that depict WA’s maritime relationship. Displays of leisure boats. handcrafted sailing boats and commercial pearl luggers, among others, the WA Maritime Museum is home to the best of Western Australia’s maritime history.

You can also see the winning America’s Cup yacht, Australia II, an Oberon class submarine “” HMAS Ovens*, Jon Sanders’ Parry Endeavour and lots of other iconic vessels in the history of WA’s maritime industry.

10 Great Places to Visit in Western Australia This Fathers Day | Stay at Home Mum

4. York Motor Museum

Motoring enthusiasts need not go farther than the York Motor Museum to see jawdropping vehicles in the world of motoring.

At York Motor Museum, you can see the best collections of veteran, vintage, classic and racing cars in Australia, such as the Peter Briggs collection of approximately 50 vehicles. You can also see the evolution of motor transport and the quality and workmanship from each era.

Located in the heart of Avon Terrace, the main street of Western Australia’s most historic inland town, the museum also has a collection of historic posters, photographs and other motoring memorabilia for everything about motoring in Australia.

10 Great Things to do in Western Australia for Fathers Day | Stay at Home Mum

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