8 Things You Definitely Want To Know About Period Sex

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8 Things You Definitely Want To Know About Period Sex

Period sex is one of those things that people just don’t talk about.

Period Sex is something many women, and men, consider dirty, icky and best left alone. But the thing is, period sex might actually be a good thing – for both you and your partner!

We’ve found out some pretty interesting things about period sex, which we bet you didn’t know that we want to share. Some of it’s good, some of it’s not, but it’s all very interesting!

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1. Period sex can lessen painful cramps

Got cramps? Well, period sex could sort those out for you big time! See, when you have sex, and reach the top of that wonderful mountain we call orgasm, your body pumps delightful chemicals called endorphins all over the body.

Those are the best! We love them not just because they make us feel so warm and fuzzy inside, but also because they knock cramps on the head. And the better the orgasm, the better the natural pain killer!

2. Period Sex Can Chill You Out.

You know that super stress that rears its ugly head when Aunty Flo comes to stay? It’s the kind of stress that makes you want to scream murder at anyone who dares step in your way while PMS is running wild in your body?

Well, sex can help with that too! It’s those endorphins again making us pain-free in all areas of our body, and stress-free anywhere we need it. Yes!

3. Period Sex can make your Period Shorter.

Did I hear that right? You certainly did ladies, because it turns out that having a romp around in the bedroom can actually lessen the time you spend bleeding during your period. Why? Well, it has to do with endometrial shedding. Having sex, and a really good orgasm, can increase the endometrial shedding, which means that although you might bleed a little heavier afterwards, your period may be shorter!


4. Period Sex can feel better than Normal Sex.

Unless you’ve been living under a period rock, you’ve probably noticed that you’re a little more…frisky during that time of the month? Who are we kidding, you’re a raging sex machine! Anyway, periods do make women hornier, but they also make them more sensitive. That means when you give in to the monster of temptation, you’re going to be enjoying one hell of a pleasurable ride.

5. Period sex is totally Penis Safe.

There are a lot of things that might turn you off from having sex during your period, but the safety of your partner’s junk should be one of them. For some reason, there’s a stigma going around that period blood is somehow dangerous for the d-rod and that it can ‘infect’ the penis. BULL.

Period sex with a male partner is perfectly healthy, and although it might be a little messy, there’s no danger there, folks.

6. Period sex CAN still result in pregnancy.

Ok now for the not so good stuff. If you thought period sex was an easy way to make sure that you could enjoy some unprotected hanky-panky without having to worry about a visit from the stork, you’re wrong. There is always a possibility that you could get pregnant with period sex, or any sex for that matter when you aren’t protected.

Plus, those little tadpoles can live for as long as 7 days, so unless you want a bundle of joy, put a raincoat on.

7. Period Sex can make it easier to get an STI.

Well, that’s not great. Turns out that because the cervix is slightly more open when you’re having your period, you’re actually at a higher risk of contracting a sexual transmitted infection! That’s just another reason, among so many, why you really should be having protected sex if you decide to engage in a bit of period lovin’.

8. Period sex is more common than you think.


We might not like to talk about period sex, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. In fact, a study on sexual active adults found that 30% of them admitted to having had sex during their period. So clearly, it’s nothing new, and it’s only a big deal if you make it one.

Period Sex FAQs

How do you cope with the mess?

No big deal!  Just either place a towel on the bed underneath you first or even better, just move the action to the shower!  If you are really into period sex or messy sex in general (go you!) – invest in a rubber sheet.  Think of all the fun you can have on that!!

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I’m on my period but don’t want to bleed over my partner, what do I do?

Well, I’m hoping that you are close enough to your partner to be able to discuss it, but if you are really worried about it, look at something like a Diaphragm (you will need to see your GP and get measured up for one) – this puts a barrier between your cervix and the penis. The diaphragm will catch any blood – and won’t leak.  There is also a product on the market called a ‘Ziggy Cup’ which is similar to the diaphragm and sits like a disc at the top of your vagina.

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The Ziggy Cup is perfect for women on their period

Do men like period sex?

Look, if you are open and confident and he is open and confident, you don’t have a problem. Sure it isn’t for everyone but talk about it.  Most men don’t mind, or even find it a bit naughty so will be keen!

Now that you know, has your opinion on period sex changed at all?

Would you consider doing it now if you’ve never done it? Or have we turned you off entirely?

8 Things You Definitely Want To Know About Period Sex | Stay at Home Mum

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