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I love my pyjamas and rarely straighten my hair.

I like being a home-body. But just sometimes, I wish I could look more ‘put together’… more polished. Some women seem to look so effortlessly good, but for some of us – it is a bit trickier!

1. Hairspray is amazing for more than just hair!

Carry one in your bag and a huge can at home. It is good for keeping your hair in place and all those tiny fluffy bits that seem to pop out around your face. Use an old toothbrush, spray it with hairspray, then brush them with the hairspray-loaded toothbrush into place.

Use the same toothbrush on your eyebrows to keep them neat and tidy, and in place all day!

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2. BB Cream or Tinted Sunscreen

I adore products that will do more than one job. We are all told we need to wear sunscreen every day, but sunscreen on its own makes me look shiny, and tends to run into my eyes by the end of the day. A BB cream or lightly tinted sunscreen gives me sun protection, and a bit of coverage on my skin too without the ‘heaviness’ of makeup.

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3. Tinted Lip Balm

Lip balm keeps lips nice and moisturised. A tinted lip balm will give your lips a bit of colour without having to go the heavy lipstick. Keep them in your handbag or pocket for easy keeping. Try using quality lip balms designed for protection and moisturising as they are less likely to melt than cheapy ones!

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