8 Quick And Easy Tips To Look Polished

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8 Quick And Easy Tips To Look Polished

We’ve all seen those Mum’s who look like they have their shit together at school pick up and drop off, and admired them from my car whilst wearing a Pooh Bear onesie.

You know the polished mum who always seem to look so neat and stylish. While some of us Mum’s are flat out even getting time to brush our hair before school drop off, these ladies of style just look effortless. Like they just woke up and their day was heralded with birds chirping, fluffy kittens running around and fresh flowers right through their house.

What if I told you it’s really not that hard to actually pull this off yourself if you want to? Don’t believe me quite yet? Well, brace yourselves and get ready for me to rock your world! A few little things really can make such a big difference in your appearance with minimal effort.

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8. Shape your Eyebrows.

I will admit that at times during my life, eyebrows were the least of my concerns. They simply didn’t even register on my give-a-damno-meter. They essentially just sat up there like stunned hairy caterpillars. When I finally went and got them waxed after a hiatus, oh man, my eyes looked like they had something to say again. “Yoooohooo yes look at me in my wide-open glory!”

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your eyebrows done or if you haven’t yet made that leap, there are a few options available to you. You can have a go yourself, this is sometimes a little risky to ensure you achieve the best arch suited to your natural eyebrow shape. There is a multitude of beauty therapists who are experienced in brow shaping. This can be done by waxing or threading.

Once the initial shaping has been done, it’s simply a matter of maintaining the shape by tweezing any new growth to keep your brows looking amazing. If you do wake up with old man brows (when they’ve had a really rough night and the hairs are all over the place) simply use a brow brush or an old mascara brush that has had the mascara cleaned off, then just give them a quick brush over to get them heading in the right direction.

Minimal effort maximum effect!

Budget Tip!

It’s easy to tint your eyebrows at home – we recommend Maybelline Tattoo Brow. For just $15.99 – you will get about 8 months worth of tints out of a single container!

Maybelline Tattoo Brow

Available in Dark Brown and Medium Brown, once applied, you allow it to dry and then ‘peel off’ the tint. The tint gradually fades over time.

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7. Get Your Lashes and Eyebrows Tinted

If you’re sick of your brows or lashes just disappearing into an abyss as they are too light, or you’re tired of constantly standing there applying mascara all the time, there is also a quick, cheap and easy fix.

Tip: Having your eyebrows and lashes tinted using a specialty dye ensures that no matter what time of the day, or what state of preparedneess you’re in, your eyes will look amazing. Subtle but oh so right!

6. Use a Tinted Moisturiser.

Really, who feels like putting on a full face of makeup just to duck to the shops or the school drop off? Tinted moisturisers are the bomb dignity for busy Mums on the go. Perfect for light to medium coverage of blemishes or dark circles under your eyes AND it keeps your skin all dewy and natural.

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Tip: If you shop around you can find the perfect tone for your skin which provides that movie star look, keeps your skin moisturised and a lot of them also provide a level of sun protection factor.

5. Put on some bronzer/blush.

The perfect pick me up to give your face that extra kapow. Who doesn’t love that healthy glow without the damage from the sun?

Tip: Just a quick sweep over your cheeks, nose and forehead (remember you’re aiming for parts of your face where the sun would usually hit), if you’re using a bronzer or if you’re using a blush, just smile. No I mean it. Smile. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks (the fullest part) for a healthy natural look.

4. Use Tinted Lip Balms or Lipgloss.

Lip balms are evolving. No longer are they just for dry lips but they now come tinted.

Tip: Keeping it simple and getting the ole two for one bonus is what it’s all about. Other quick and easy options are tinted lipgloss. A lovely subtle way to give a lift to your lips and at the same time moisturising and keeping them completely kissable!

3. Trim or Style Your Hair.

This is a biggy. It can make or break a look. First and foremost ensure you have a style that is easy to maintain. Ask your hairstylist for tips on styling in a hurry, remember this is what they do, if anyone can tell you what suits your face and style, they’re the ones. Ensure your hair is trimmed regularly to maintain your style and ensure that split ends aren’t the first thing that people notice about you.


If you have longer hair and you’re in a hurry, whip it up in a high ponytail. By covering the hairband with a section of the ponytail wrapped around it and secured with a bobby pin or two you have instant pizzaz and style. Simply spray a comb with hairspray and run through the pulled back section of your hair to tame any flyaways and you’re as sleek as anyone stepping out on the red carpet.

If you’re hair is having a moment, go with it. ‘Messy’ ponytails or buns can be quite lovely and feminine. Just make sure your messy doesn’t still have cereal in it from where the kids flung it across the room earlier. That’s not the look we are going for here.

If you have shorter hair, accessorise. Hair bands and clips can tame the wild beast as well as provide a point of interest and a gorgeous finishing piece to your hairstyle.

2. Wear Simple but Classic Clothes That are still Practical

Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’ in the fashion stakes. Fashion fads come and go and who has the money to buy a whole new wardrobe every season?

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Tip: Find a classic style of outfit that suits you your figure, your age and your personaility. Simple jeans and a cotton shirt can look amazing and stylish with a few simple accessories such as a scarf, bangles, earrings, shoes and yes sunglasses. It’s about keeping it simple, keeping clean lines and keeping it about you. If you love that little sundress at the back of your closet that you only bring out on special occasions, wear it! If you feel good, you’ll look good.

Most importantly, the essential part of looking polished is to…

1. Maintain Good Posture.

You will notice people who look like they have everything lined up in a row and they think life is great will carry themselves with confidence. Posture can change the way people see you and how you really see yourself. Remember what you were always told growing up, stand straight!

Tip: Imagine there is a string rrunning up your spine and out of the top of your head. That string gets pulled up to elongate your body, but after that, simply just roll your shoulders back just a little to look more relaxed. Trust me, people will notice the difference.

If you’re not feeling confident, use my strategy. ‘Fake it ’till you make it.’ If you pretend you are confident, stylish, the woman who has got her life together, slowly but surely, you too will believe it and with that belief, comes confidence, and that confidence will shine. Just like you will.

What are your quick and easy beauty tips to look like a polished mum?

8 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips To Look Like A Polished Mum | Stay at Home

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