What Do You Sleep In?

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What Do You Sleep In?

I don’t know a Mum out there who gets enough sleep. We all want it, we all need it and none of us get enough of it. Well, while we’re talking about what happens between the sheets (HA! Please. If we had the option we’d pick sleep, hands down, every time”¦) let’s chat about what you wear when you’re slipping into catatonic bliss.
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Sleeping in the Buff

So how many of you shun the traditional nightwear in favour of sleeping in your birthday suit? Studies have recently shown that sleeping in all your glory helps your body to regulate its temperature better, ensuring a deeper and more restful sleep. Sleeping naked with a lucky partner beside you (also requiring a lack of clothing) encourages oxytocin production. This leads to a better sex life and a deeper connection with your partner. It also means you’re likely to need to change your sheets more frequently. You’ll have to weigh up those consequences.

Matching Pyjama Sets

Now when I saw matching pyjama sets, I’m not talking cutesy little shorts and a singlet with a picture of a cat or a cupcake on it. I’m meaning the full length, button down, flannelette, rocking the night lamp PJ set. My commiserations on the death of your sex life.

Onsies and Rompers

Ah to live in a magical fairy land where bodily functions don’t exist. Fun times. I bet you’re one of those weirdos that feels the need to plate their food like a reality tv contestant too .
Seriously though, I don’t get it. Are there secret zips or buttons for when you need to pee?

The Significant Other T-Shirt

This is where the realms of comfort and casual sexiness collide. It can be the daggiest, oldest, most well worn t shirt in the world but if you’re wearing that and nothing else? Go get it girl.

The Looks Like A Significant Other Shirt (but you’re single)

Frankly, this is terrifying. Did you buy it specifically? Was it gifted to you? Stop it. Stop it right now. March immediately to the nearest Kmart and source yourself a matching pajama set.

Cutesty Matching Sets

You were one of the popular girls in school weren’t you? Go get yourself some threadbare jammies like the rest of us mere mortals. You have a secret stuffed teddy collection don’t you? DON’T YOU?? I’m on to your type.

Fine, I’ll admit that was written out of sheer jealousy. I couldn’t coordinate my life enough to get out of the house on time, let alone manage to coordinate my sleepwear. I bow down to your glamorous night attire, you fabulous go-getter.


“There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” Elizabeth Bennet.
There is a distinct level of badassery that comes with a woman who is game to wear a nightgown to bed. If you havethe curlers in your hair as well? I take my hat off to you. Get on with your bad self.

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Singlet and Knickers

This is the sleepwear of the lazy. When used appropriately it can be used to transition you from night wear to appropriate breakfast attire with the simple addition of pants. Actually, it’s the stuff of genius and may have just halved your laundry for the week. If you can keep it toast smear free you can wear it for days! I won’t tell if you won’t.

Just Knickers

Not brave enough to go the Full Monty eh? The ‘Just Knickers’ is for the slightly shy and imminently practical ladies. It’s a little flirty, a little daring but protects your modesty. Your sex life is enthusiastic but you don’t creep out your neighbours when you get your freak on. High five on the sexy-meets-responsible sleep wear!

So just how many variations are there on the humble pajama? Let us know what you like to wear in the night hours!

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