Where to Buy Halo Hair Extension Online for Lucious Locks

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Where to Buy Halo Hair Extension Online for Lucious Locks

The Best Halo Hair Extensions on the Market!

Halo Hair Extensions are the quickest and easiest way to add volume and length to your hair, in the shortest amount of time (and without damage!).

Halo Hair Extensions work much like a headband except that they sit just underneath the top half of your hair. Your own hair then blends to not only hide any evidence of the halo hair but to make it all look natural.

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Where to Buy Halo Hair Extensions Online for Lucious Locks | Stay At Home Mum
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Do Halo Hair Extensions Damage Your Own Hair?

No, halo hair extensions will not harm your hair in any way. In fact, they are the only kind of hair extensions that do not cause any harm to your natural curls or waves. So don’t be concerned if you’re worried about anything.

Hair extensions such as clip-ins, tape-ins, bonds, and other types of hair extensions use hazardous adhesives and put additional strain on your hair. This results in hair loss and even bald spots since the strands are either broken down or practically pulled out by the force of the wind.

Halos, on the other hand, are not directly attached to your hair strands like other extensions. Instead, they are suspended from the top of your head by an inconspicuous nylon cable. This implies that there will be no additional pressure or obnoxious adhesives. There are only healthy, long, and gorgeous locks.

How Do You Install a Halo Hair Extension?

This is the best video we could find showing just how to put a Halo Hair Extension in to make it look natural.

How Much Do Halo Hair Extensions Cost?

Typically halo hair extensions will set you back anything from $150 through to $500, depending on the quality, weight and length. Now the Halo Hair Extensions we have listed below are all going to be more on the pricey side – because they are the best of the best!

List of the Best Halo Hair Extensions:

So we checked out all the halo hair extensions on the market here in Australia – here’s what we found:

1. Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions

  • 100% Remy Hair
  • Offers Afterpay and Klarna
  • 90 Day Exchange

Now I personally own a Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extension (paid for with my own money) – and it is gorgeous! The only problem I have with it is that I didn’t quite get the colour right – but that is hard when looking at pictures on a computer screen. But once I took my Halo to my hairdresser who cut it to shape for me and it blended beautifully.

I love how you choose your Sitting Pretty Halo – you choose the ‘thickness’ you want (fine, medium or thick), your colour and you are good to go. They also have special shampoo and conditioner for your Halo to keep it soft and healthy.

I chose the ‘Fine’ thickness as I love the length of my hair, but my natural hair is thinning with age (gah) and just needed some umphhh.


  • Fine thickness (20 inches/60 grams) – $289
  • Medium thickness (20 inches/100 grams) – $389
  • Thick thickness (20 inches/160 grams) – $489
Ash Blonde #18

2. Show Pony Halo Hair Extensions

  • Remy A+ human hair
  • Available online in 20” lengths and a range of natural, ombre and highlighted colours.

New and innovative goods are always being developed by Showpony, as well as the newest trendy colours. In other words, they are always engaged in the process of developing new products. Before their goods are made, they establish a detailed brief of criteria to guide the production process, resulting in consistency that salons and customers can depend on for years.

There is nothing else like the 3in1 Hair Extension Box Set when it comes to exclusivity and opulence. A first-of-its-kind in hair extension technology, packed in a beautiful packaging specifically intended to hold your 3in1 Hair Extension in place. This all-in-one solution is made from the best cuticle Remy A+ human hair and may be worn as a halo, clip in, or ponytail!

Showpony clip-in hair extensions may be found at salons around Australia, including in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide, as well as online.


  • 20” / 50cm (95 grams) – $$424
20" 3in1 Hair Extension Box Set

3. Pure Hair Extensions

  • Highest Quality 100% Human Hair
  • Length: 16 inches | 22 inches
  • Weight: 140 grams | 160 grams 

All of their Halo Hair Extensions are created from the best grade 100%  genuine Remy human hair available on the market. Adding halo hair extensions to your own hair is simple and takes just a few minutes at home. It is one of the quickest and most convenient hair extensions available on the market, taking just 30 seconds to apply!

All of their halo hair extensions are custom-made to accommodate any head size and are equipped with an adjustable wire. They are very pleasant to wear and can be taken out in seconds with no effort. Because they are so simple to remove, they may endure for up to 12 months, and in some cases, even longer.


  • 16 inches (140 grams) – $159
  • 22 inches (160 grams) – $319
halo hair extensions banner 1 | Stay at Home

4. Jadore Hair Extensions

  • Product Weight 100g
  • TypeClipIn
  • Length22 inch
  • 1piece w/ x4 clips 24.5cm width weft

For those in need of rapid thickness, their 22″ halo hair extension is the ideal solution for adding thickness in a jiffy.

It will immediately become your new best hair buddy, since it is made from the highest quality 100% human Russian hair available on the market. This is also ideal for special occasions or for individuals who want a fast and simple clip-in piece while taking a hiatus from permanent extensions for whatever reason.

Furthermore, this particular halo hair extension is perfect for adding thickness to fine to medium hair types and styles that are shorter than shoulder length.

Their clip-ins are completely handcrafted and twice drawn, ensuring luxurious thickness from the beginning to the conclusion of the clip-in.


  • 22 inches (160 grams) – $314.00
The power of hair extensions 🙌 @intuitionhairmackay created this beautiful transformation using 100g of our premium Russian hair extensions! 

Discover more of our range through the link in our bio ✨

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5. Kiki Hair Extensions

  • Premium quality European Hair
  • Available in 30 different colours

The Kiki Hair Team are an expert in the application of hair extensions, the colouring of hair, and the cutting and styling of hair. They are well-known for their wide expertise, devotion to technique, and commitment to ensure that your hair looks and feels fantastic after every visit!

All of their hair extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair, which is of the greatest quality available anywhere. This enables them to be managed in the same way as your natural hair, resulting in a much longer life expectancy. When properly maintained, Remy Human hair blends in flawlessly with your natural hair and stays smooth, silky, and healthy for an extended period of time.

And what’s even better? Their Halo Hair Extensions are available in more than 30 different colours and mixes, including Balayage, Ombre, Two-Tone, Highlight and Lowlight, as well as Pop and Pastel colours. Plus, they keep all of their colours on hand at the Kiki HQ and are able to combine numerous colours if necessary to provide a natural, seamless appearance. 

Their skilled stylists also specialize in colour matching if you have a highly distinctive colour scheme that necessitates the dyeing of your hair or Hair Extensions.


  • 20 inches – $249.99
How to apply your 30 second KIKI Halo - YouTube

Do You Know Other Stores To Buy Halo Hair Extension Online for Lucious Locks? Share with us in the comment!

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