Super Hacks To Make Your Jeans Fit Again

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Super Hacks To Make Your Jeans Fit Again

We’ve all had that moment when you get your jeans out of the cupboard after a few months, or out of the dryer after a bit too long, (or a few too many biscuits) and they don’t fit.

So whether your jeans appear to have shrunk, or you can’t figure out how they ended up so big, we have the solutions for you. These handy hacks, which you can do easily with what you have at home, will help get those jeans fitting like they should.

6 Super Hacks To Make Your Jeans Fit Again | Stay At Home Mum

Jeans Too Small?

Ah yes, the sinking feeling of yuk when you’re trying to squeeze into jeans that just aren’t as well-fitting as they used to be. Maybe they’re fresh from a long session in the dryer, or maybe it’s been a few months and a few too many sweet treats since you last felt the need to torture yourself. Well, here are some remedies!

1. Stretch And Lunge

jeans | Stay at Home Mum

Sometimes, the basic remedies work the best. For this stretch remedy, all you need to do is squeeze into your tight jeans, and get your butt moving. We recommend a few lunges and squats, along with any other kind of stretching exercise that helps to bring a little more ‘movement’ into your rear. This helps to stretch the fabric, so the jeans fit that much better.

2. Kick Back In The Tub

6 Super Hacks To Make Your Jeans Fit Again | Stay At Home Mum

This sounds a bit silly, but we swear, it totally works!

Put on your jeans that are too small, as much as you can fit them, and put your butt into a warm bath. You don’t need it to be hot, just warm. Now, the water will help to loosen and stretch the material, and you can help this along by also pulling on the jeans to stretch them even more. Clearly, you need to do it in advance, and then just line dry the jeans when you’ve stretched as much as you need to.

3. Spray With Lukewarm Water

via Maya in the Moment
via Maya in the Moment

A more tame and time sensitive version of the bath trick, this one involves spraying your jeans with a bit of lukewarm water first, and then stretching them to suit. Spray until damp, and then lay the jeans on the (clean) floor, stand on them, and putt up to stretch. You can also stretch the waistband out as you might use an exercise elastic. This method works best for jeans that have been accidentally shrunk, but we’ve had success using it at other times as well. Dry as needed prior to wearing.

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