The Debate Following Vag-Gate

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The Debate Following Vag-Gate

For those of you living under a rock, the muse for John Legend’s hit single, All Of Me, his wife, Chrissy Teigen, showed us all of her at the American Music Awards by flashing her lady bits in a super-revealing dress.

The black Yousef Fakbar dress had side splits right up to her rib cage and the small gold pins designed to keep her modesty under wraps were no match for a gust of wind as she walked the red carpet”¦ revealing a distinct lack of er, carpet.

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While I am impressed Chrissy handled the faux pas like a boss, tweeting “apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha” and later following it up with a shout out to her laser hair removalist, Vag-Gate has reignited my internal dialogue over pubes.


In my pre-kid, cashed-up days, I was very fond of the bald look and would religiously visit the lady who would strip me bare every four to six weeks and I wouldn’t think anything of shelling out $60 a pop for the privilege.

The occasional in-growns were a small price to pay for the smoothness and, weirdly, cleaness I felt after each wax.

I like to think it was a personal preference thing, as I always wore board shorts while swimming in those days, so didn’t really have a need to be hair-free down there for visits to the beach and I never did it to please my then boyfriend (now husband).

But all of that changed when I had kids..

Suddenly, $60 was too much to splash out for something that seemed so trivial, and yet it was also something that I missed. I was able to sneak out to the salon once or twice between children, but once my second came along, I gave up altogether.

There were too many other important things to spend my dollar bills on.

But I must admit, seeing Chrissy promote the benefits of being hair-free did have a certain pull on me.

Like Cara Delevingne has made bushy brows something to covet (bless you darling, I no longer have to pluck and tweeze my Saturday mornings away”¦) I am hoping that the next flashing celebrity might have a little bit of bush going on so we can turn the tide on the desire to thrash our beavers to the point to hairlessness.

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Most women over 50 grew up in times when nobody would even think of shaving some may have neatly trimmed, but that was all and they were proud to have a nice ‘bush’.

For most young girls, the arrival of pubic hair was seen as a rite of passage to becoming an adult, but with the arrival of the 1980s came high-cut bikinis that left less to the imagination came the pressure to tidy up.

This was pushed to the limit with the help of the adult film industry, which debuted the Brazilian.

But I must say, there is something quite liberating about going au naturale, even if it is because I am time-poor and literally don’t have 10 minutes to lock myself in the bathroom more than once every few months to do a quick prune.

So please, Hollywood and supermodels make the next trend a return to the good old ’70s bush!

How about you? What do you prefer?

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