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List of White Label Supplements and Vitamins to Brand as Your Own

List of White Label Supplements and Vitamins to Brand as Your Own

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List of White Label Supplements and Vitamins to Brand as Your Own

White Label Supplements are taking a ‘blank pre-made and pre-approved’ supplement and selling it as your own brand.

If you are in the health industry, whether you own a gym, are a dietitian or weight loss coach or a personal trainer – to ‘add on’ to your services in your industry – having your very own line of health supplements, powders or vitamins that are fully accredited is a fantastic idea to make extra money.

And there is a LOT OF MONEY in supplements.

It is one of the real growing industries – especially white label or private label supplements as it takes all the hard work out of formulating and accreditation and just means you get the perfect product with your branding on it that you can start selling right away.

Table of Contents:

1. Who Should Start Their Own White Label or Private Label Supplement Line?
2. How to Choose the Right White Label Supplement Company
3. What Sort of Products Can I Get White Labelled?
4. List of White Label Supplement Companies
List of White Label Supplements and Vitamins to Brand as Your Own | Stay at Home Mum

White Label Supplements – There is a Lot of Money to Be Made in This Area!

1. Who Should Start Their Own White Label Supplements Line?

We recommend people in the following areas look at doing their own white label supplements:

  • Gym Owners
  • People who own a Supplement Shop
  • Personal Trainers
  • Weight Loss Consultants
  • Sports Influencers

2. How to Choose The Right White Label Supplement Company

You want the right product with the right ingredients.  That means research. 

Luckily for you – we have done most of that work already.  The below are a large range of both Australian and overseas white label supplements and vitamin manufacturers that have an impeccable reputation. 

All you need to do is to choose one that offers the products that you want to sell to your clients.

10 Best Diet Programs in Australia

3. What Sort of Products Can I Get White Labelled?

There are so many options!  And this list is by no means exhaustive – but does give you an idea of what is available.

  • Protein Powders
  • Weight Loss Shakes
  • Protein Bars
  • All Vitamins
  • Range of gluten-free, dairy-free, organic or vegan supplements
  • Body Building Supplements

4. List of White Label Supplement Companies

Australian White Label Supplement Suppliers:

AVS NutritionA Contract Manufacturing Facility based in NSW that offers formulation, sourcing, blending, and packaging services.Website
OmniblendA Contract Food Manufacturer of Sports Nutrition and Supplements located in Australia.Website
Bulk PowdersWith more than ten years in the industry, Bulk Powders offers a wide range of sports supplements and nutrition including weight gain and diet products available in different flavors too! With their products following strict Australian Standards, they guarantee effective body-building supplements delivered to your doorstep. Website
Create Your Own Supplement (CYOS)Partnering with CYOS allows you to concoct your signature private-label supplement. This way, your products will be suitable to your desired market. Don’t worry, CYOS will be there to help you out. In case you prefer ready-made supplements, CYOS also has a large selection of high-quality capsules and powders.Website
Private Label SuperfoodsFounded in Australia, Private Lable Superfoods is keen on helping small and medium enterprises start their branded superfoods. From colon cleanse to detox blend to digest blend, Private Label Superfoods has got it all for you!Website
Pro AminoPro Amino Australia lets you sell its sport supplement products with your own branding. It’s a win-win since they offer proven and tested vitamins, all-natural and sports supplements.Website
VitacoTwo leading Australian health and wellness companies merged in 2007 to form Vitaco. Their iconic brands, and private-label manufacturing contract sales will surely impress you! You can be part of that too if you choose Vitaco. They are dedicated to developing your business with full-service product solutions and marketing ideas off the bat.Website
AS BlendingAs per health and wellness products, Australian Supplements Building packages products in single serves, sachets and tubs to your preference. The products are tailor-made for you, meanwhile reducing your cost and increasing your chances of purchasing in the market!Website
Vitex PharmaWith a sprawling 26,000sqm facility in Sydney, Australia, Vitex Pharma is a reputable company leading in manufacturing complementary medicine. More widely known as nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements, the products Vitex Pharma is equipped to manufacture can be your own.Website
Protein Supplies AustraliaAre you vegan? Paleo? Ketogenic? Allergy prone? Based in Brisbane, Protein Supplies Australia’s facility is Australian Certified Organic and Safe Food QLD certified for dairy. These certifications are assurances for athletes and bodybuilders who have specific demands for their body’s optimum performance.Website
Lipa PharmaceuticalsAn Australian supplement manufacturer and seven-time winner of the Complementary Medicines Australia ‘High-Quality Manufacturer’ award.Website

 United States White Label Supplement Suppliers

AIE PharmaceuticalsManufacturer of private-label vitamins and supplements. Products include capsules, tablets, soft gels and gummy vitamins. Website
VitaLabsLocated in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, Vitalabs has been around since 1977. Imagine over a hundred stock formulations and products within your reach! It doesn’t matter if you’re a small company or a large corporation, Vitalabs is ready to meet your demands.Website
Reliance VitaminWith over 400 early trend and pre-certified stock items, you will have no trouble in looking for the perfect product to fit your business.
Organic, plant-based nutrition and probiotics are highly in demand these days and you can rely on Reliance Vitamins to have it ready to sell for your business.
PL SupplementsIf you are searching for instant stress relief, Private Label Supplements has a product line for brain health that can be yours too! Along with their stress formula, Private Label Supplements has deep sleep natural formula and focus and memory support. If your target market has a demand for these products, partnering with Private Label Supplements is a good business decision.Website
Ion LabsWhile everybody is different, everybody is different too! This is why you need to start customizing your own supplements depending on what your body needs. Ion Labs is serious on getting that done in three steps.Website
BL Bio LabA Private Label Manufacturer of Collagen and other dietary supplements.Website
Makers NutritionManufacturer of standard and custom private-label vitamins and supplements. FDA, NSF and NPA approved. Website
Superior Supplement ManufacturingLocated in Fountain Valley CA, Superior Supplement Manufacturing offers standard and custom private-label vitamins and supplements. Products include biotin, calcium carbonate, folic acid, hyaluronic acid, maca, melatonin and more.Website
We Do Private LabelManufacturer and private label of whey protein, pre-workout, collagen peptides, creatine monohydrate, glutamine, vegan protein and more.Website
Nutra Solutions USAManufacturer of standard and custom private-label and prenatal vitamins and supplements. Capabilities include turnkey, packaging, encapsulation, labeling, formulation, blending, powder filling, and technical services. Website
Atlantic Essential Products IncPrivate labeling services for vitamins and supplements. Products include multivitamins, weight loss supplements, meal replacement powders, green food and fruit berry powders.Website

We add new white-label supplements and vitamin companies all the time,

bookmark this article and drop back for more information!

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