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10 Things to Consider When Buying a Family CarSafety first!

One minute you’re cool, the next minute you’re driving a minivan.

When you have a family, there are several “sacrifices” to make, and most of the time, it includes foregoing a stylish automobile in favour of something more “practical.” While some of you might still cringe at the sound of this word, the reality remains that you need to consider the needs of your entire family now.

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Fear not – a family car can be a cool car! And time will come that you will enjoy being a “taxi mum” and a “taxi dad.” Well, hopefully sooner rather than later… Now let’s focus on getting the right family car!

1. Will the pram fit in the boot?

Before anything else, make sure that your car is baby-friendly and consider that a pram is something you are bound to bring with you every day. Make sure it fits safely into your car.

2. Does it have five doors?

Safety is the utmost priority when buying a family car, and you would want to make sure that everyone, from front to back, is able to get outside of the car with ease.

3. Will three car seats fit in the back seat?

This is especially true for young families. Even if you don’t have three kids at the moment, consider the possibility of needing three car seats for each child.

4. Is the car a practical height?

The car’s height might be low on our priority list, but it shouldn’t. For starters, is the car a practical height for putting heavy sleeping babies inside?

5. Will the kids be safe in an accident?

In the case of an accident, how safe will your entire family be? Rather than looking at what makes the car cool-looking, make sure that your car has ALL the safety features that will protect your kids.

6. Does it really need to be… black?

Don’t take this personally, but please don’t buy a black car! Apart from the fact that it seems to attract more dirt (is it just me?), it is more high-maintenance and can trap in more heat. Plus it could be less visible than other cars when it’s dark.

More things to consider when buying a family car next page!

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